Disgusted: Reynolds, Round 1, Part 1

Taja Reynolds is 21

“Okay, please sign here, and the apartment is yours!”

Taja smiled as she picked up the pen and signed.  Finally, she would have her own place.  She was out on her own, and she was going to enjoy it!  But first… she really wanted to check out her apartment a bit more.

It was pretty cool, it just screamed “Taja”.

Now, Taja really wanted to get something under her belt.  Sure, she had graduated college, and should probably get a job, but she was Romance at heart, and everyone knows where a Romance sims heart is.

It wasn’t even like she had to do anything.  Before she knew it, some guy named Leo Wilkie was hitting on her.  He even dropped a hint that he had quite a few simoleons on him.  Taja couldn’t resist.

As he looked at something on the ground, (Taja was sure that he had “dropped something”)  Taja checked out the view from behind… not bad… but he was so old.

Steeling herself for the inevitable, Taja accompanied Leo to the roof, where she immediately grabbed a drink.  Hopefully she wouldn’t remember anything after this.

Leo pulled her towards him, his hands roaming around her back.  Taja could barely control herself, she wanted to cringe so bad as his papery lips smashed into hers.  Leo smiled.  Taja smiled back, as best as she could, feeling sick about what she had done.  But it was too late now, Leo was pulling her towards his apartment.


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    maisie said,

    I swear, I will NEVER look at Leo Wilkie the same again!!! Holy buckets Taja! What’s the opposite of a “cougar” lol


    Her new place looks great though!

  2. 2

    nessva said,

    LOL @ Maisie’s comment!

    Taja…a romance gold digger? I thought she was going to “enjoy” life now that she was out on her own but it sure doesn’t sound like she’s enjoying kissing crinkly old lips.

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