New Beginnings: Gates, Round 1, Part 1

Logan Gates is 34, Micah Gates is 13  (I have only just recently discovered the plumbbobtoggle cheat, so sorry about all of the plumbbobs, my bad 🙂 )

“Micah, go long!”  Logan shouted to his son.  It was hard to believe that they were in their own house, on their own now.  Micah was only 13, but he’d already been through enough stuff to last a lifetime.  That’s why they moved, to make a new beginning.

For Micah’s birthday, he had gotten a cell-phone, although why he needed one was beyond Logan.  It wasn’t as if he knew anyone to call… his mother was dead, they hadn’t really met anyone in Ardania yet, and he sure as heck didn’t have any girls to call.  Teenagers, who understands them?

Foot ball in the morning became a regular thing, and usually the paper boy would walk by while they were practicing.  Micah was really creeped out by the looks he kept giving his father though, first of all, his dad was old, second of all, he was straight.  Creepy paper boy.

After Logan’s promotion to blog writer for the Sim City times, he and Micah had an impromptu dance party, they even invited a couple of their neighbors over.  Micah wasn’t very impressed by his dad’s dancing though.

The neighbors were kind of weird too.

“Take it from me kid, don’t get married too soon.  I mean, Marriage is fun and all, but I missed out on a lot of wild stuff, you know?”  Li Aderine said, giving Micah a wink.

Micah decided to go somewhere else after that.

Nora Greene seemed pretty nice though.  She and Logan talked for a while, she even told him that Micah’s hat looked nice.  They soon became good friends, calling each other a lot, although Logan insisted that it was nothing more than a friendship.

And on his days off from work, when Micah was out, Logan practiced his dancing.  After all, if this was a new beginning, maybe he should learn how to dance!


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  1. 1

    maisie said,

    Oh my goodness on Li Aderine’s advice! I don’t think he’s planning to rush off into marriage, being that he’s 13. And LOL on the paper boy checking out his Dad. That’s great. Guess they won’t be BFF anytime soon.

  2. 3

    Mlittlepaw said,

    O…K. Li’s advice was a little odd… I take it she’s a Romance Sim?

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