Notice Me: Marshall, Round 1, Part 1

Candi and Lane Marshall are both 24 years old.

Candi smiled at her husband, as he went on and on about their amazing new house.  They had bought one of the nicest homes in the city, mostly from Lane’s inheritance money, and he was ecstatic.

But all Candi saw when she looked at the house, were the two empty rooms, one for a boy, and one for a little girl, the two children they didn’t have.  Lane had promised her they would have kids one day, but he wanted to focus on their careers first, not their family.  Candi went along with him, because she really did love him, but all she really wanted were children.

At the moment, he was just a low level Business associate, and every time he got out of the carpool he would cringe.  Candi was in law, but she was only a file clerk at the moment, which Lane assured her would change.

One day, he brought home a co-worker, Amanda Carlson.  She was very nice, but she loved the game of chess with a passion, something Lane did not care for.

It just seemed as if Lane had no time for her anymore, but Amanda came over a lot, and she and Candi would talk for hours, about anything they wanted.  They soon became fast friends, and would often go out for lunch and such.

One morning, over lunch, Candi breached the subject that she’d been harboring for a while.

“Lane… do you even notice me anymore?”  She whispered.  Lane’s look was one of total shock.  He had no idea his wife felt this way.  He loved her very much, but he’d just been to busy with his work lately to really see what was going on.  He hoped she wasn’t having an affair.

The very next day after work he greeted her warmly, showering her with affection and kisses.  Candi felt like she was in heaven, and Lane didn’t mind either.

They stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, dancing.  With Lane’s strong arms around her waist, Candi knew that he did love her, that he did notice her.

“Lane, what do you think about kids?”  She asked him, for what seemed like the thousandth time.

“Not yet Candi, baby.  Soon, but not yet.”  She sighed.  Soon, he had said, soon.

She would hold him to that promise.


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    maisie said,

    Maybe there will be an oopsy baby. 😉 I hope Candi get’s her baby soon enough, I think they’ll make cute kids. Which of course always is a plus. lol Their house looks really nice! Definitely big enough for a handful of rascals.

  2. 3

    Mlittlepaw said,

    I like how Lane immediatly listened to Candi when she asked about how he hadn’t been paying attention to her.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Yeah, I see Lane as a kind of tough guy up front, but he really cares about Candi. He just thinks he has it all planned out, but he really does love her.

  3. 5

    nessva said,

    This neighborhood is full of drama 😀

    I hope Candi gets the kids that she wants.

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