Inconcievable: Lordin, Round 1

Lynsey Lordin is 38, Hannah Lordin is 13

Lynsey Lordin thinks she looks hot.  Her daughter Hannah thinks that she does not.  In fact, Hannah thinks quite a few things of her mother, most of which could not be said in a PG-13 movie.

This is one of the reasons why Hannah hates Lynsey so.  This is Hannah’s room, sparsely furnished, and with only second hand furniture at that, and the reason for this is the most trivial thing possible.

Lynsey spent all of their money on a 15,000 dollar plasma TV.  For her room, no less.

This is her existence.  An unemployed bum, as Hannah says.  Eating chips on the couch, watching TV.  All day.  Every day.

This is why every day after school, Hannah writes articles for the Ardania Times.  They pay her a few hundred dollars sometimes, but when that’s buying you food, it’s worth it.

Hannah does find friends in her neighbor Lynsey, ironically enough.  Lynsey is everything Hannah wished her mother was.  Nice, an average weight, mentally stable.

Life settles into a monotonous routine, until one day, Hannah comes home to this.

Hannah dashes to her room.  It’s inconceivable.  A bong.  Her mother bought a bong.  Hannah doesn’t even know where she got the money from.  She has a few guesses though.

Her only consolement comes from sleep, when she doesn’t know what her mother is doing.  And frankly, she doesn’t care.


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  1. 1

    retromaisie said,

    Ohmy goodness! I can see why she isn’t impressed with her mother! I wouldn’t be ether. Hannah seems to have a good head on her shoulders; I hope she can do better for herself.

  2. 2

    Mlittlepaw said,

    Ugh, I can understand why Hannah thinks she’s bad. Poor Hannah.

  3. 3

    Tessa said,

    Maisie: Hannah should do better for herself, I think that seeing what her mother does gives her a drive and a will to want to do better than her. Plus, I control her, so there’s a little bit of influence on my part 😉

    Mittlepaw: I feel sorry for Hannah too. I just really wanted to make a fat sim, and I thought this would be a good storyline. 😛 I’m such a bad person, I know. Those poor little pixelated people. They don’t know what I have in store for them!

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