Slow: Aderine, Round 1

Greg Aderine is 24, Li Aderine is 23, Yu Aderine is 5.

“Pappa, since we have such a biiiig house, can we put an airplane in it?”

Greg laughed at his son Yu’s question.  He remembered when he used to be that young, that full of ideas.  Next to him, his wife Li shook her head no.  There would be no airplanes for them.  Even though they had bought a fairly cheap house, they barely had any money left over.  With Li staying at home with Yu, he’d have to find a good paying job, and fast.  The bills weren’t going to pay themselves.

It didn’t take him long to find a job, a playground assistant at Ardania Elementary school.  He was quite proud of himself, actually.  I meant that he and Yu would see a lot of each other.

Their days soon fell into a regular routine.  Li would help Yu with his homework in the morning, while Greg read the paper.

Then Li would cook them all a nice breakfast, although some of the topics they talked about were… less than desirable.

Li would play with his toys, he was a very good child, he could keep himself entertained for hours.

And sometimes he’d bring over a friend from school, and they’d have an action packed game of Cops n’ Robbers

He had lots of fun with his mom too though, sometimes they’d dance together for hours, Li just enjoying her son’s giggles of delight.

Greg and Li were still on good terms as well, they would often enjoy a moment or two of romanticism.

Yu was even doing well in school, he had a C+, but it was steadily moving up.

Unfortunately, on the same day that Yu brought home his great grade, Greg lost his job.  He didn’t know how it happened.  One minute he was watching the kids, next the principal called him into his office, and then… he was fired.  Luckily, he managed to grab a job at the Medical Center, utilizing his bachelors degree.  It even payed better.  Perhaps things were looking up after all.


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    Mlittlepaw said,

    Hehe. I like how the topics were said to be “Less than desirable

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