Starting Out: Marslin, Round 1, Part 1

Mina Marslin is 72, Ralph Marslin is 27, Maya Marslin is 25, Lyssa, Anna, and Cameron Marslin are 5

Lyssa loves jumping on her Mama’s bunk bed.  For some reason it’s just much more fun than hers.

Everyone loves Mamma.  Lyssa sure does.

So does Hannah, although Hannah just likes to dance with everybody.

Cameron pretends he’s too manly to hug Mamma, so he always jumps rope when someone asks him about it.  Coincidentally, he’s becoming quite good at jumping rope.

But Mamma always tucks him in at night, and makes his bed in the morning.  She loves her grandkids.  They’re the only one’s she’s got after all.

But the kids like their parents as well, especially their mom.  Maya’s just that kind of person.  Wherever she goes, she leaves a shine.  Ralph, on the other hand, is more distant, more quiet.  Sure, he loves his kids, just not as openly as his mother or wife.

But late at night, when he’s holding Maya close to him, it makes him think.  Maybe he should tell them.

But he never does.  He doesn’t want to hurt them.


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    maisie said,

    It’s a good thing they have Mina to help out with the kids, they look awfully rascally!

    Where did you get the bunk bed, if you don’t mind me asking? That’s really cute.

    Cameron, there’s plenty of time to be “masculine” he should hug his Mamma.

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