Amanda Carlson: Gates, Round 1: Part 2

Logan Gates is 34, Micah Gates is 13, Amanda Carlson is 32

Micah jumped off the bus, shaking his head.  So much homework.  I mean, seriously, the teacher doesn’t even go over the stupid stuff anyways.

Tonight would be the same as any other, he’d get home and start on his homework around 9, when his dad was already asleep, and then he’d go to sleep.

But today was going to be a little bit different.  He’d brought home his friend Miriam from school.  She was smoking hot.  As in, like, you could bake cookies on her and burn them hot.

And her gym outfit… to die for.  It was a halter top.  A halter top.

And apparently his dad was shaking things up too.  He’d finally brought over that lady he kept talking about… Amanda Carlson.

She was really nice, and soon she was frequently visiting the house.

Micah didn’t mind her, she was nice, and she made his dad happy.  His dad hadn’t been this happy in a long time.  And Amanda liked his back-rubs a lot too, so everyone won.

But soon it became obvious that she wasn’t just coming over for the backrubs.

And soon, come Christmas, it was time for presents.

Micah got a jump-rope.

But Amanda gave him a treadmill… so it was all good.  He gave Amanda a book about laws.  She seemed to really like politics.

Amanda gave his dad a synthesizer.  They were soo 80’s

But Amanda got the best gift of all from Logan.  Such a big box, but all it had in it was a little key.

“Would you like to move in with us?”  Logan asked, praying that he wouldn’t get rejected.  Because then they would sing the rejection song at work.

“Yes!  I’d love to!  I’ll make this place much more homey!”

Although, if you asked Micah, she just made the place a lot more Horny.


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