Checkups!!!!! Ardania Medical Center: Round 1

Sims used are Julio and Carla Feif, Kaylee, Marco, and Laura Visenz, and Candi Reynolds.  Doctors are Dr. Claire Regin, and her interns are Danielle and Emily

When you first see it, it is an impressive looking building, the Ardania Medical Center.

Dr. Regin was proud, the waiting room was bustling, and people were dropping in all the time.  She was glad.  This is what she wanted.

Today, Emily was doing research on a new medicine, and Danielle would help with the younger children.

Candi Marshall walked in, trying to convince herself to be confident.  It’s just a stomach bug, that’s all.

“Good morning Mrs. Marshall.  Please, just take a seat over there.”  Dr. Regin said.

Candi smiled nervously and sat down, eying the fancy equipment and posters in the room


“So, Mrs. Marshall, how have you been feeling lately?”

“Well, I’ve been feeling tired, and nauseous… and hungry.  All the time.”

“Are you and your husband woohooly active?”

“Well, yeah.  What couples aren’t?”

The doctor laughed at this.

“When was the last time you and your husband engaged in woohoo?”

“Um… a couple of days ago?”

The doctor smiled.

“That’s what I thought.  Mrs. Marshall, congratulations, you’re pregnant!”

“W-what?  Me?  Pregnant?”

“Yes.  We have a variety of parenting magazines and books available here at the Medical Center, and we offer pregnancy classes as well, if you’d like to join.”

“Me… pregnant?  I’m pregnant.  I’m pregnant!  I’m pregnant!”  Candi exclaimed, her face glowing.

“Oh, doctor Regin!  Thank you so much!”  She exclaimed, hugging her.

“You’re very welcome, just remember to come back every trimester.”  Claire replied.

It wasn’t until she reached the parking lot that she realized one thing.  Now she had to tell Lane.

Upstairs, Kaylee was playing with Marco and Laura, while Danielle observed them.  It was just as she had thought.

Kaylee was the mother of two healthy twins, but Marco had a vision impairment.  For now, he’d be fine, but before he started kindergarten, he would need glasses.

Finally, it was the last appointment of the day.  Carla Feif.

Danielle couldn’t help but smile as she watched Julio kiss his daughter.

“Have you noticed any odd behavior Mr. Feif?”  Danielle asked

“No, and please, call me Julio.”

Danielle smiled.

“Then you can call me Danielle.”

“Well, it seems as if everything is in order then.  You are the father of a healthy one year old.”

“Thanks Danielle, you have no idea how much it comforts me to hear you say that.”

They hugged, and Danielle sighed.  It felt so good wrapped in his arms.  Julio noticed and smiled a bit, but didn’t say anything, not wanting to embarrass her.

All in all, it had been a good day at the Ardania Medical Center.


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