Michael Barrett: Would Be Superspy: Barrett, Round 1

Michael Barrett is 21

“Sign here please.”  Michael complied, fuming to himself on the inside.  Why couldn’t his landlord have been a girl?

No girl could resist the charm of Michael Barrett, Plainclothes Detective.

Well… maybe the chess board could… but does wood really count?

I mean, seriously!  Ladies were just showing up at his door.  I mean, sure, they were ugly ladies, but this one was a gypsy and offered to set him up on a blind date.  Not with her of course though.

“Boom Shackalakah Bannaramma Ding Dong!  Abracadabra Ooka Ooka Boom!”

Michael was getting a bit scared.

But the next day, this hottie showed up.

Ooh yeah.  He was good.  And later that night he even got to try out that new vibrating bed.

For his next investigation he was assigned to investigate his neighbor, Vamsi.  But oh Sim Allah was she ugly.

But he used his manly charms on her, and she sucumbed to it easily.  Of course, who wouldn’t?  He was hot!

And he had to admit… she had a lot of experience.

And let’s not forget is roommate.  Poor Michael. He really needed to remember to wear clothes when he walked around.  Because, you know, that was an accident.  😉

At least, we hope it was!

Lol, Michael is hot stuff!  Everyone always heart farts around him.


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    Mlittlepaw said,

    Oh gosh. The first Don Lothario of Ardania!

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