Happy Surprises : Gates, Round 2: Summer/Fall

Amanda Carlson is 29, Logan Gates is 34, and Micah Gates is 14

Amanda fed the fish, sighing as they floated by.  She wished she could do that, just float around, you know?  She was settling in nicely to the Gates home thought, and Logan finally got to see her in something other than her horrible work clothes.  They’d been together about a year now, and although nothing was really different in their relationship, she didn’t mind.

“Hey Amanda, check this move out!  I look like MJ right?”  Logan called, Amanda walked over, laughing at his attempted Thriller moves.  Micah groaned and kept on exercising.  He was starting High School, and hoped to try out for one of the sports teams there.  Logan was pretty proud of his son, and hoped that maybe he could earn some scholarships.

“Pillow fight!”  Amanda yelled, pelting Logan with pillows.  Soon there were feathers flying all over the house, and Micah was groaning.  Why were old people so gross when they flirted?

“Will you guys take it outside?”  Micah finally yelled, quite fed up by all of this lovey dovey ness.  They complied, continuing outside.  As Logan kissed her palm lightly, Amanda felt her stomach flutter.  Surely this was the man for her.

The next day, Amanda was in the bathroom when she heard Logan call her name.

“I’m in the bathroom, don’t come in!”  She yelled.

Of course, he ignored her.

She quickly shoved the pregnancy test out of sight as he walked in, and then bent down on one knee.

“Amanda Carlson, you are an amazing woman, and my son doesn’t seem to hate you, and I certainly don’t.  Will you marry me?”  He asked, presenting a gold ring.  Not exactly the most romantic proposal ever, but Amanda was putty in his hands.

They hugged, but as Logan looked over his shoulder, he noticed the small white stick, half shoved behind the toilet.

“Amanda… is that what I think it is?”  He asked.

She nodded, and bent over to pick it up.  Two pink stripes.

She looked up, in shock.

“I’m… pregnant.”  She whispered.

Logan was stunned.

“Wait… it’s mine right?”

She laughed.

“Of course it is!  Remember the other night…”

“Oh… definitely mine.”


The following weeks were a flurry of baby equipment, house remodeling plans, and then… the dreaded bridal shower.

“Oh my gosh, we just have to get you a fabulous dress, especially before you start showing!”  Candi squealed.

“You know, I heard that babies are born healthier if the mother has nice wedding gifts.”  Danielle joked.

Nora laughed.

Micah and Logan escaped to the backyard.

“How much longer dad, I don’t think I can take this any longer.”  Micah drawled.

Logan smiled.


“Thank God!”

Their wedding is planned for this winter, so it should be pretty soon 😀


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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Oooh, I love a wedding!

    A bathroom proposal – only in a Sims game, eh?

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Lol, I know right! The wedding should be good, I have the chapel all set up and everything, unfortunately I have to switch it up for Nora Greene’s wedding right after. Thanks for commenting!

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