Welcome to the World : Marshall, Round 2, Fall

Lane and Candi Marshall are 25

Lane snuggled up to Candi, enjoying her warmth.  He smiled as his hand brushed her stomach, his son was in there.

“Lane, baby?”  Candi murmured.

“Yes darling?”

“Can you make me a sandwich babe, I’m really hungry.”

“Sure.”  He sighed, easing his way out of bed.

God, he’d be glad when this was over.

He eased his way out of bed, and prepared the sandwich, getting ready for work as well.

He kissed her good-bye before he left, leaving her home alone, but not for long.  Doctor Regin and her interns Danielle and Kelsey were coming in around ten o’clock.

Candi sighed as she gazed in the mirror.  She was huge.  She looked like a volleyball, the hormones had done weird things to her hair, and her boobs- well, let’s not even start on that subject.

She greeted Claire in her pajamas, not even bothering to get dressed.

“Hi there little baby!  Don’t be causing you’re mother trouble now!”  Claire said to her stomach.

Candi laughed.

“Thanks Claire, are Danielle and Kelsie on their way?”

“Yes, they should be here soon.”

Candi served some fruit, trying to be healthy and get in those anti-oxidants!  After all, she was in the presence of a doctor.

Kelsie really liked it, she was spilling food all over the place.

“Kelsie!  Could you be a little less… piggish?”  Claire chastised.

“What?  I’m just trying to prepare her for the mess that a baby brings.  At least I’m not doing anything from the bottom half.  That’s like toxic waste.”

“T-toxic waste?”  Candi stuttered.  Maybe this baby thing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“Dear, you’ll be fine.  I’ve had three kids, and I look fine, and I’m sure you’ll get your figure back soon.”  Claire reassured her.

Candi was feeling really nervous now.

“You know, just don’t let them crawl into a toxic waste facility or anything.”

“Oh dear God.  Lane’s going to kill this baby.”  Candi murmured.

Lane returned home from work around 7:30, a proud man.  He’d been promoted, to Junior Executive no less.

Candi was ecstatic, but apparently, too much excitement isn’t always a good thing.

“Oh my God!  What the hell is happening?”  Candi grunted.

“The baby’s coming!”  Danielle screamed.

“What are we going to do!”  Kelsie screamed back.

“I- Thought- You- Guys- Were- Doctors!”  Candi grunted.

“Let me change out of my suit.  You can keep it in there a little longer Candi!  It’s only been in there for 8 freaking months!”  Lane hollered.

“We’re only INTERNS!”  Kelsie screamed back.

Thankfully, Doctor Regin was still there.

After hours of a hard labor, little Rhett Marshall was born into the world, weighing a nice 7 pounds, 6 ounces, he was a healthy, happy baby.

“That was incredible!”  Kelsie gasped.

“Congratulations Mrs. Marshall, you’re son is perfectly healthy.”  Claire assured her.

“I- I just had a baby!”  Candi gasped, still amazed.

Lane walked towards her, a huge grin across his face.

“Girl, you’d better change the color of that play-mat.”  Danielle commented.

Lane cradled the little baby in his arms, awe and wonder in his eyes.

“Hey there Rhett.  How ‘ya doing?”

Rhett cooed.

“He heard me!  He heard me!  Think of all the things we can do!  Go to the park… play baseball… watch Sports!”

“That’s great babe… just don’t take him anywhere near a toxic waste facility.”  Candi said.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lane Marshall on the birth of their first child and son, Rhett Marshall.


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    maisie said,

    Yeah a little boy, love the name Rhett Marshall. Very nice. Love the dialog on this one.

    The picture with all the thought bubbles of Rhett is adorable, he’s really welcomed to the family with a lot of love.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Thanks, I’m still trying to work out the kinks on sims with hacks and stuff, so I usually try to work out the thought bubbles and such, but that picture was just too cute. Sometimes the game annoys me so much, but then the game turns around and throws that at you, and you can’t help but like it 😀

  2. 3

    Chichi said,

    Your sims are so pretty! I think Rhett is a great name.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Thanks for commenting! I hope you’re enjoying the blog! I like his name too… it’s not too mainstream, it’s special like he is. I thought he deserved a cool name 😀

  3. 5

    Mlittlepaw said,

    D’awww! He’s so CUTE!

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