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All Becoming Clear: Marslin, Round 3

Mina Marslin is 73, Ralph Marslin is 29, Maya Marslin is 27, Lyssa, Anna, and Cameron Marslin are 7

On the outside, everything was fine.  The kids got along great, Lyssa and Anna were fast friends.

They loved their Mamma and each other, especially if there was a bunk bed involved.  But something was not right.

Mina had been taking a hot bath, when she heard something… odd.  Ralph was on the phone in the other room, and she could hear all that he was saying.

“Look, I bailed you out in college when you were in a mess, and it almost ruined me.  Why are you back?’

“Yes, I know it’s been a while since then, and yes, I’m still in the same job.”

“You what?

“Look, I’ll meet you tonight, okay?  Yes, you know where.  I need to change out of my clothes before someone walks in.  Bye.”

Confused, Mina had walked out of the bathroom.

Ralph was changing, and he quickly slammed the drawer shut, but Mina caught a glance at some black and white clothes and a ski mask.  What had her son gotten into?

“Hey mom, how are you?”  He asked her, kissing her on the cheek.  And it came to her.  She hadn’t noticed it because it had been so gradual, but now that she thought about it… over the years Ralph had changed.  Ever since college really.  Slowly he’d become harder, tougher, meaner… disconnected from it all.  Shaking, she walked downstairs to see the children off to school.

The bus came, the children got in, and Mina went back to her room to relax.  And Maya walked into the master bedroom.

“Oh, there you are woman.  I have to go out.”  Ralph said, brushing by her.

“What do you mean you have to go out?  I have work in an hour!  You can’t leave, the kids need to have one of us home when they get home from school!

“My old lady’s home, it shouldn’t be too horrible for them if she’s the only one home.”

“God, what has happened to you over the years?  You’ve changed… and not for the better.”  Maya said, stalking out of the room.

Out in the hall, the confrontation continued.

“You don’t leave until I say so, bitch!”

“You have no reason to talk to me like that!”

Mina could hear everything.  And she didn’t like it.

Suddenly a crack echoed through the house.

“That’ll teach you!”  Ralph exclaimed, a frenzied look on his face.

“Out!  Now!”  Mina screamed.  “You disgust me.”

“Happy to oblidge.”  Ralph sneered.

All Maya could do was cry.


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Scoping out the Town: Barrett, Round 3

Michael Barrett is 23, Katherine Andelique

Katherine smiled a smug smile as she walked up to the apartment of CoOp 1.  Hired by the City of Ardania to keep the city safe, she was now stuck with some guy named “Michael Barrett”.  It wasn’t a bad job, at least it paid.  Unfortunately, she had to wear this to work, and act as the cities only police officer (well, Michael was doing that too, so technically she wasn’t the only one).

Later on in the day, Michael arrived home.  Walking into his bedroom to change out of the horrible clothes he was forced to wear, he was in for quite the shock.

“Good afternoon Michael.  It’s been a long day.”

“What in the name of- who the hell are you!”  He replied.  He had no idea who this woman was, and she was sitting on his bed?

“Oh, relax.  My name’s Katherine.  I’m the city of Ardania’s CoOp 2.  We’re on the same team now, and I believe we’re roomies.  I assume the mayor informed you about this?”  She said, snickering.

“What- oh, yes.”

” Nice little feature you’ve got here.”  Katherine replied, pressing a button, causing the bed to light up.  Michael didn’t blush.

“It vibrates too.”  He replied cooly.

“That’s all very nice, I suppose.  But really, it’s good to see you can keep your cool.  It’s going to be fun being your partner.”  She whispered into his ear, before skipping away.  Michael felt chills all over his body, but not in a bad way.  This woman… she was sexy, secure, in control, and working with him.  Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all… especially if she kept wearing clothes like that…

Over the next few months, Katherine took to walking around the house in her underwear, something Michael didn’t entirely mind.  He knew she was trying to tantalize him… but why?  Lately she’d been up late in the night, doing research on a shifty character in town.

“Come on Michael, we’ve got to do some investigating.”  She told him one morning.  Michael stopped mid lift.  What the hell was she wearing?  He was sure as heck not getting into anything near that.  They were just investigating, not going into witness protection.

But apparently, women can get a man to do anything.

At the store, they pretended to be a dating couple, something Michael thoroughly enjoyed.

But what they saw… was disturbing.  Lave Testy, their suspect, was controlling, manipulative, vulgar, and a bit possessive.  The only people he had working for him were woman, and obviously that was for one intent only.  His history… they were pretty sure of… his intent… they hoped he wouldn’t repeat anything….

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Ringing of the Bells: Ardania Public School, Round 3

Kelley-Anne Tabile is 76, Katrina Golind is 74, Dalston Golind is 72, Kalista Ferena is 17, Tyler Ferena is 15, Ellissen Giardan is 15, Hannah Lordin is 15, Miriam Regin is 15, Matt Regin is 7, Carla Fief is 5, Laura Visenz is 5, Marco Visenz is 5, Yu Aderine is 7, Cameron Marslin is 7, Lyssa Marslin is 7, Anna Marslin is 7, Micah Gates is 15, Madin Ferena is 5

It’s the first day of school this fall for Ardania, and everyone is getting in.  Kelley-Anne Tabile, the school principal walks in behind her sister, Katrina Golind and thinks of all the days to come.

In class two, or the high school room, taught by Dalston Golind, Katrina’s husband, the teenagers are hanging out before class begins.  Kalista Ferena, the only senior this year, and her younger brother Tyler play a quick game of rock paper scissors, while Hannah Lordin gives her good friend Micah an affectionate noogie.   Miriam Regin watches on, pondering of ways to plant her lips on Micah’s, and Elissen Giardin looks around the classroom, it’s not too bad here.

In the Primary room, Carla and Laura Visenz get to talking, while Marco Visenz, Laura’s twin brother, looks on.  Does Carla have cooties?  He hopes not, then she might contaminate Laura.

Cameron Marslin and his triplet sister Lyssa play a game of cops ‘n robbers, and it looks to be going pretty well.

And Yu Aderine, Matt Regin, and Madin Ferena, have an animated chat.  Matt loves the fact that he and Madin’s hair is styled the same way, but the dragon on Yu’s shirt is totally awesome.

Mr. Golind arrives in class, and his students take their seats, sadly in for a day of learning.

Cameron is seated next to Carla, and attempts to copy her classwork.  When she rejects him, he consoles himself with the fact that Marco has told him the secret that Carla has cooties.  He just hopes that his sisters don’t have it too, then he might get them!

Luckily, Lyssa comes to his rescue, flashing him some notes across the classroom.  Mrs. Golind doesn’t notice, she’s too busy walking into a wall.  Marco watches her closely, the every inconspicuous spy, trying to figure out if she’s got Cooties too.  Anna dutifuly takes her notes though, Mrs. Golind is walking to a wall right behind her you know!

As the day progresses, the exciting game of Cops ‘n Robbers spreads.

Miriam tries to put the moves on Micah, but he seems a bit confused.  Just last year he’d thought she was the hottest thing since the oven, but now he’s just finding himself not that interested.

Tyler gives Ellissen a noogie, he saw Hannah doing it, and it seems like a good way to meet the opposite gender.  Ellissen begs to differ.

But in the end, it does look like someone of the opposite gender succeeded in getting Ellissen’s attention.  Micah leaves school feeling very fulfilled, and Ellissen leaves thinking that perhaps all boys aren’t that bad.  She just hopes she doesn’t have the Cooties anymore 😛

Lots of kids, as you can see.  You’ll meet the Ferena’s soon, and Ellissen, sadly, is one of my “non-playable playables”.  She doesn’t actually live on a lot, I just made a bunch of good-looking teenagers for the heck of it.  You’ll see once some of the kids age up, I have one hot looking boy up ready to be played 😛

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Fast Forward: Marshall, Round 3

Rhett Marshall is 1, Candi and Lane Marshall are 26

First, a little backstory:

Julio slaves away in the kitchen, this meal has to be great, after all, it is their wedding dinner.

Meanwhile, outside, Candi and Danielle are talking.

“Dani, I’m pregnant again!”  Candi exclaims.

“Congrats girl!  Man, you and Lane must be at it like bunnies!”  (lol, joke from last post XD)

“Yeah, he’s really excited!  This time it’s a girl.”  Candi says dreaming.

“Hmmm… this at it like bunnies thing sounds like it works… I wonder if Julio would like it…”  Danielle says with an evil grin.


Okay, back to the Marshall story now 😛

Things are going wonderful.  Candi swears, Rhett is the perfect child.  He’s so sweet and good natured, Candi doesn’t know how lucky she and Lane were to get this baby.

He’s content to just play by himself if his parents are busy, even if he doesn’t really understand what he’s playing.

“So.. Candi, it’s a girl right?”

“Yes, Lane dear, it’s a girl.”

“Girls like hats right?”

“I suppose, why?”

“Well… maybe she could be a hat model when she gets older!”

Candi shakes her head, sometimes she just doesn’t know what to do with Lane.

“Hey Rhett, little buddy, I’ve got a great feeling about today!”  Lane exclaims one morning.

Rhett smiles, his daddy looks stupid.

In the kitchen, Candi finishes one sandwich and goes to get dressed.

“Darling, I have a wonderful feeling about today!”  Lane says again, kissing a path up her arm.

Later on in the day, Lane returns, promoted!

And Candi starts to feel the pains of labor… coincidence?

But soon after that, Vera Marshall is born, a healthy baby girl!

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Everything’s Coming Together: Fief, Round 3

Julio Fief is 24, Danielle Boyd is 23, and Carla Fief is 5

When Danielle moved in, Julio knew it was time for a change.  Their old house was just too small, too ugly, but this, right here: this was amazing.  He’d been sitting on quite the little nest egg, having saved up tips from waiting tables and being promoted quite a few times as well in his cooking career.  He was now the Executive Sous Chef, and he’d also gained a little bit of money from the divorce.  Danielle also brought with her quite a nice amount of cash from her parents, as a wedding present.  Not to mention, Julio was now the Executive Child Services person for Ardania.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Danielle has settled into the family nicely, and Carla doesn’t seem to mind her.  She loves it when Danielle reads her books, although, sometimes they pick an uncomfortable place to read them.

“New mommy, can you keep a secret?”  Carla asks.

Danielle nods, she doesn’t mind being called “New Mommy”, it’s certainly better than “I hate you so much you evil un-mommy!”

“Daddy got me a present for my birthday, it’s in my room right now!”

“Well, why don’t you go open it!”  Danielle says with a knowing smile.  It was their joint birthday gift for Carla, Julio loved his little girl more than the world itself, and Danielle surely wasn’t going to try to change that.  Rather, she thought of Carla as her own daughter… just not as black 😛

Meanwhile, Julio reads the newspaper.

“Oh my lord!  This article is absolutely disgusting!”  He exclaims.

As soon as he notices that no one is looking, he opens up the newspaper even more to finish reading the article.

Carla’s new present is a Violin, and, as Micah Gates would say, this girl is beast at the violin.  Julio had been worried that she’d suck, and suck bad, but man, is this girl good!

So good, in fact, that she and Danielle have a bit of an impromptu dance party.

“Thanks a lot New Mommy!  That present rocked!”  Carla exclaims, giving her mother a giant hug.

Danielle smiles, it feels good to be accepted by her fiancé’s daughter.  She really feels like family.

In fact, she even invites over some friends/neighbor people she’s never met for dinner, and they chat.

“No!  Julio is not like a robot in bed!”  Danielle exclaims.  Nora decides to excuse herself from this conversation.

Mina Marslin is very interested though.

In fact, right in front of them, they perform their marriage ceremony.

“And then I said, is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me!”  Hannah Visenz concludes her joke.   Carla doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but even if she did, she’d be too busy watching her dad add to their family.

“I swear, it was like a rocket!”

“I do!”

“I do too!”

And just like that, they are married.

Carla’s so happy, she even does the dishes.

Man, I love their house!  I actually built it all by myself, and I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out.  Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a home office!  There’s even a little porch/deck thingy in the back 🙂

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Without a doubt: Lordin, Round 3, Summer

Hannah Lordin is 15

She’s been doing things by herself lately, trying to survive by herself.

A lot of days she’ll just go to the pool,

Swim away her worries, one stroke at a time.

But some days, she just needs a hug.

Today, however, her friends are coming over to the horrible shack of hers.  Micah and Ellissen are inseparable now, and he can’t thank Hannah enough for introducing each-other.  Hannah thinks that Ellissen might have a thing for Micah, and after what she’s been through, Hannah will do anything to at least make someone happy.

Micah can be a distraction, but just when she needs it most.  Who else does she have to stop her from moping by telling her a story about being a baseball superstar who travels the world?

“Hannah, you should’t be living here by yourself!  It’s not safe.  I mean, seriously, look at that fridge, I think there’s a new species of animal growing on that, and I swear, there’s a body outline on the floor.”  He nags.

“I’m sorry, Micah, but it’s all I can afford right now.  I’m only fifteen.  I was lucky enough to get that job at the corporation in town, but who knows if I’ll get to continue that when I graduate high school.”

“Don’t you want to go to college? ”  Ellissen asks, her soft voice, too often the voice of reason.

“Right now, it’s just not feasible.”  Hannah replies with a sigh.

Later on, Hannah doesn’t hear Micah talking to Ellissen.

“Look, my mom’s the mayor, and she been talking about this guy she just appointed to child services… he sounds like a pretty nice guy.  Maybe I should arrange a meeting with him for Hannah…”

“I guess, it seems like the right thing.”  Anything to get her out of here.  This place is a mess.”  Ellissen agrees.

To bee continued…

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Another Year, Come and Gone: Birthdays, Round 3

At a beautiful Underwear ceremony, Chesna and Clifton Gates are celebrating their first birthdays.  So what if their parents are wearing underwear?  They’re too young to remember anyways.


At another house, while an unsuspecting toddler plays with a boat, happy things are a muck.

Yes, that’s right, Danielle and Julio Fief are now engaged.

And just in time for Carla’s fifth birthday!


And at the Marshall house, an unsuspecting Rhett is whisked from his sleep to a beautiful cake,

And the prospect of presents of course!

Happy First Birthday Rhett Marshall!

I think he’s got Candi’s nose and Lane’s cheeks, but who do you think he looks more like?


And finally, the Visenz twins make their debuts, Marco and Laura, five years old!

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