Making A Move: Feif, Round 2

Julio Fief is 23, Carla Fief is 4

“Tedddy!”  Carla squealed over in her room.  Julio laughed as he heard the noise, glad that his daughter was having fun.

The nanny had been doing a great job lately,

So Julio had only thought it reasonable to tip her when he got home.

“Thank you so much, Mistah Fief, but really, you should be saving some money up for when yo little one goes to college.”

But now, as he watched his little daughter sleep contently, he couldn’t help but wonder.

She was four now, less than a year before first grade, and even though she was doing fine, he couldn’t help but wonder for her future.

Would she need a mother?  With this in mind, he called over Danielle.  He’d met her at the doctor’s office, and at his buddy Logan’s wedding, and she seemed like a great girl.

Their first date went fine, and soon she was coming over more often.   They always had fun though.

She was wonderful, kind, caring, sweet.

But at the end of the day, there was only one woman in Julio’s life, and he liked that just fine.


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    Gabby said,

    Well, well, well, I knew drugs would be involved. That’s tipical tessa! JK! Your blog is sooo odd… but nothing out of the ordinary. cute Baby though Suzy would love it! Haha!

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