Trying to Settle In: Marshall, Winter/Spring Round 2

Candi and Lane Marshall are 25, Rhett Marshall is about six months

“Man, did we make ourselves one fi-ine looking kid!”  Lane tells Candi, as they watch their son Rhett sleep under his dangly toys.

Candi smiles, of course they did.  Rhett is the cutest little baby she’s ever set her eyes on… of course… he’s just about the only baby she’s ever set her eyes on… but still, she’s got to admit, he’s pretty darn adorable!

She’s really starting to get the hang of things now, she’s even got that “I’m good with babies” swagger.

And Rhett really is a sweetie.

He barely cries, even when he’s hungry, and even then, he’s very content to just wait for the food.  He knows it’s coming.

The diaper changes are a bit more messy, but Candi’s getting the hang of it now.  Cover him with a diaper first, boys spray.

And bath time is always a … joy.  Lots of splashing and laughing, more on Rhett’s part than on Candi’s though.  But he’s always fine for Lane…

And he just loves the bouncy chair.  He would bounce in it all day if he could, not that his mom would mind that much.  It puts him to sleep.

Because boy do his parents need it!  🙂  Although they might not be tired from taking care of Rhett, Candi’s been hinting about how much she’d like another one 😉

Candi and Lane are settling in quite nicely to being parents, and I think Rhett’s a pretty good baby as well.  Can’t wait to age him up to see how he looks!  And maybe there’s another baby in the works?  😛


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    I love that the babies fall asleep in the bouncy chair – it’s so sweet!

  2. 3

    Mlittlepaw said,

    I hope Candi gets all the kids they can possibly manage. All the more cuteness. : )

  3. 4

    Tessa said,

    Lol, yes! Much more cuteness!!!!!

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