Another Year, Come and Gone: Birthdays, Round 3

At a beautiful Underwear ceremony, Chesna and Clifton Gates are celebrating their first birthdays.  So what if their parents are wearing underwear?  They’re too young to remember anyways.


At another house, while an unsuspecting toddler plays with a boat, happy things are a muck.

Yes, that’s right, Danielle and Julio Fief are now engaged.

And just in time for Carla’s fifth birthday!


And at the Marshall house, an unsuspecting Rhett is whisked from his sleep to a beautiful cake,

And the prospect of presents of course!

Happy First Birthday Rhett Marshall!

I think he’s got Candi’s nose and Lane’s cheeks, but who do you think he looks more like?


And finally, the Visenz twins make their debuts, Marco and Laura, five years old!


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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Happy birthday, kids! And congratulations to Julio and Danielle on their engagement – they’re going to make such a cute little family. 😀

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Yes, I hope they do! They both rolled the want for engagement, and right after that for marriage, so that’s good (Julio’s Pleasure too, so I was very proud) 😛

  2. 3

    Gabby said,

    How many views now??

  3. 5

    Suzy said,

    Aww!! I love babies! *creepy grin*.

    • 6

      Gabby said,

      SUZY!! finally I’m not the only supportive friend here !! WOO!
      TESSA: were almost to a thousand!!!!! I bet my interesting comment are atrackting(sp) people to your blog. I told you i spiced think up with that mexican!!

  4. 7

    maisie said,

    I love birthdays! Rhett is a cutie! I think he looks a lot like his mom right now. Im betting he gets his father’s more masculine face as he ages up though. Very cute!

    And Carla is adorable, though I really liked her as the little toddler in pink. 😉 And yeah, she’ll have a step mom in the near future, I hope everything goes well with the transition.

    haha on the underwear ceremony. nope, the twins won’t remember, but if there are pictures…. well they will find them. 😉

    • 8

      Tessa said,

      Lol, that’ll definately have to happen 😀

      Carla was definately a cutie, but she looks pretty good now too.

      I’ll keep your Rhett speculations in mind 😛

  5. 9

    Mlittlepaw said,

    Soon Rhett can open that present! I ❤ Simwardrobe!

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