Ringing of the Bells: Ardania Public School, Round 3

Kelley-Anne Tabile is 76, Katrina Golind is 74, Dalston Golind is 72, Kalista Ferena is 17, Tyler Ferena is 15, Ellissen Giardan is 15, Hannah Lordin is 15, Miriam Regin is 15, Matt Regin is 7, Carla Fief is 5, Laura Visenz is 5, Marco Visenz is 5, Yu Aderine is 7, Cameron Marslin is 7, Lyssa Marslin is 7, Anna Marslin is 7, Micah Gates is 15, Madin Ferena is 5

It’s the first day of school this fall for Ardania, and everyone is getting in.  Kelley-Anne Tabile, the school principal walks in behind her sister, Katrina Golind and thinks of all the days to come.

In class two, or the high school room, taught by Dalston Golind, Katrina’s husband, the teenagers are hanging out before class begins.  Kalista Ferena, the only senior this year, and her younger brother Tyler play a quick game of rock paper scissors, while Hannah Lordin gives her good friend Micah an affectionate noogie.   Miriam Regin watches on, pondering of ways to plant her lips on Micah’s, and Elissen Giardin looks around the classroom, it’s not too bad here.

In the Primary room, Carla and Laura Visenz get to talking, while Marco Visenz, Laura’s twin brother, looks on.  Does Carla have cooties?  He hopes not, then she might contaminate Laura.

Cameron Marslin and his triplet sister Lyssa play a game of cops ‘n robbers, and it looks to be going pretty well.

And Yu Aderine, Matt Regin, and Madin Ferena, have an animated chat.  Matt loves the fact that he and Madin’s hair is styled the same way, but the dragon on Yu’s shirt is totally awesome.

Mr. Golind arrives in class, and his students take their seats, sadly in for a day of learning.

Cameron is seated next to Carla, and attempts to copy her classwork.  When she rejects him, he consoles himself with the fact that Marco has told him the secret that Carla has cooties.  He just hopes that his sisters don’t have it too, then he might get them!

Luckily, Lyssa comes to his rescue, flashing him some notes across the classroom.  Mrs. Golind doesn’t notice, she’s too busy walking into a wall.  Marco watches her closely, the every inconspicuous spy, trying to figure out if she’s got Cooties too.  Anna dutifuly takes her notes though, Mrs. Golind is walking to a wall right behind her you know!

As the day progresses, the exciting game of Cops ‘n Robbers spreads.

Miriam tries to put the moves on Micah, but he seems a bit confused.  Just last year he’d thought she was the hottest thing since the oven, but now he’s just finding himself not that interested.

Tyler gives Ellissen a noogie, he saw Hannah doing it, and it seems like a good way to meet the opposite gender.  Ellissen begs to differ.

But in the end, it does look like someone of the opposite gender succeeded in getting Ellissen’s attention.  Micah leaves school feeling very fulfilled, and Ellissen leaves thinking that perhaps all boys aren’t that bad.  She just hopes she doesn’t have the Cooties anymore 😛

Lots of kids, as you can see.  You’ll meet the Ferena’s soon, and Ellissen, sadly, is one of my “non-playable playables”.  She doesn’t actually live on a lot, I just made a bunch of good-looking teenagers for the heck of it.  You’ll see once some of the kids age up, I have one hot looking boy up ready to be played 😛


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