All Becoming Clear: Marslin, Round 3

Mina Marslin is 73, Ralph Marslin is 29, Maya Marslin is 27, Lyssa, Anna, and Cameron Marslin are 7

On the outside, everything was fine.  The kids got along great, Lyssa and Anna were fast friends.

They loved their Mamma and each other, especially if there was a bunk bed involved.  But something was not right.

Mina had been taking a hot bath, when she heard something… odd.  Ralph was on the phone in the other room, and she could hear all that he was saying.

“Look, I bailed you out in college when you were in a mess, and it almost ruined me.  Why are you back?’

“Yes, I know it’s been a while since then, and yes, I’m still in the same job.”

“You what?

“Look, I’ll meet you tonight, okay?  Yes, you know where.  I need to change out of my clothes before someone walks in.  Bye.”

Confused, Mina had walked out of the bathroom.

Ralph was changing, and he quickly slammed the drawer shut, but Mina caught a glance at some black and white clothes and a ski mask.  What had her son gotten into?

“Hey mom, how are you?”  He asked her, kissing her on the cheek.  And it came to her.  She hadn’t noticed it because it had been so gradual, but now that she thought about it… over the years Ralph had changed.  Ever since college really.  Slowly he’d become harder, tougher, meaner… disconnected from it all.  Shaking, she walked downstairs to see the children off to school.

The bus came, the children got in, and Mina went back to her room to relax.  And Maya walked into the master bedroom.

“Oh, there you are woman.  I have to go out.”  Ralph said, brushing by her.

“What do you mean you have to go out?  I have work in an hour!  You can’t leave, the kids need to have one of us home when they get home from school!

“My old lady’s home, it shouldn’t be too horrible for them if she’s the only one home.”

“God, what has happened to you over the years?  You’ve changed… and not for the better.”  Maya said, stalking out of the room.

Out in the hall, the confrontation continued.

“You don’t leave until I say so, bitch!”

“You have no reason to talk to me like that!”

Mina could hear everything.  And she didn’t like it.

Suddenly a crack echoed through the house.

“That’ll teach you!”  Ralph exclaimed, a frenzied look on his face.

“Out!  Now!”  Mina screamed.  “You disgust me.”

“Happy to oblidge.”  Ralph sneered.

All Maya could do was cry.


9 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Ah, your previous update is making a little more sense to me now!

    Poor Maya – I’m glad she kicked Ralph to the curb though.

    Can I ask you where you got those bunk beds? I’ve never seen those before.

  2. 4

    maisie said,

    Oh my goodness!! Poor Maya! 😦 Geez Ralph, glad he’s out, I hope the door DID hit him on the bum on the way!

  3. 6

    Gabby said,

    That is depressing….:P Dislike!!

  4. 8

    Stephanie said,

    That scumbag! If he leaves and never comes back no one will even care. They should break up, no one deserves to be treated like he just did!

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