An Introduction: Ferena, Round 3

Phillip and Marietta Ferena are 39, Kalista Ferena is 17,Tyler Ferena is 15, Madin Ferena is 5, Lise Ferena is 1

The day starts out normally.  Phillip washes his hands before getting ready to go out to the fields.

Phillip is the only full scale farmer in Ardania right now, and although the Straight’s have a good idea, they’re no where near being close to producing the amount of produce needed.  They’ll probably just stick to their own garden.

Phillip is also trying to get his two sons into the business.  He’s a little old fashioned, and he’ll admit it, and he doesn’t believe that the fields are any place for a woman.  Madin, his youngest son, has taken to farming quite nicely, and likes to help his Pa out in the fields as much as his mother will let him.

Tyler, his second oldest, isn’t that good however, so they let him stick to fishing.  He isn’t too good at that either, but he’s still slightly better at it than farming, and that’s good enough for Phillip.

Marietta is taking care of their youngest, Lise, at the moment.  Phillip treasures little Lise, because out of their four children, she was the only one who inherited his… er… scarlet locks.

Kalista, his oldest helps out with the cooking while Marietta takes care of Lise.  She’s 17, and will be going off to college next year, and Phillip couldn’t be prouder of her.  She works hard, and works well at home too.

Unlike Tyler who prefers to play pirates in the bathtub rather than do his homework.

Soon the women switch roles, Kalista playing with her little sister and Marietta cooking a last minute dessert.

Marietta has invited the boys’ friends from school and their parents over for dinner, hence all of the cooking.

Dinner is hectic but nice, and Phillip and Marietta are very impressed with their sons’ friends.  Tyler invited Micah Gates, a Sophomore just like him, whose stepmother is the mayor of Ardania, and Madin invited Marco Visenz, the only other boy in the kindergarten class with him this year.  They both seemed very nice, and well-mannered.

Kaylee Visenz is very impressed by Kalista, and offers her a job baby sitting the twins sometimes.  Kalista accepts excitedly, this is the perfect thing she needs for college, she can make some extra cash while taking her classes.

Micah and Tyler engage in an epic game of kicky-bag, sure to be told about for generations to come.

And at the end of the day, Marietta tucks Madin in and reads him to sleep.


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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Wow, that is an enormous farm you have there! Have they planted vegetables in all of those plots? You’ll have to keep us updated on how they’re going with that because I sometimes find my two farms a little exhausting and they’re a lot smaller than that!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Yeah, it’s really huge! I actually didn’t think about how big it was actually going to be until after I’d built it, but I think it’ll work. I may just do one day of play where it’s “planting day” and “tending day” and stuff, so it’ll be worked out, but it’s going to be interesting… And they have planted on all of them, crazily enough!

  2. 3

    xcin100x said,

    Sick story, i love the whole plot ! Can u check out my legacy at u can add it to your blogroll if y0ou’d like ? 🙂

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