Round 3 Summary

Yay  End of Round 3!!!!  Here’s a quick summary for all of you people, and then on to Round 4!!!!!

Births: 2 (Vera Marshall and Reece Straight)

Marriages: 2 (Nora Straight (Formerly Greene) to Alon Straight and Julio Fief to Danielle Fief)

Graduations: 1 (Kalista Ferena went to Ardania University)

Breakups: 1 (Maya Marslin and Ralph Marslin)

Population:  42, Males: 21, Females: 21

Elders: 1

Adults: 19

Young Adults: 1

Teens: 4

Children: 8

Toddlers: 6

Babies: 1

  • Lol, with all of the Non-Playable Playble’s accounted for, I have the same number of people in each gender!  I didn’t even plan that 🙂
  • Also, I’m starting to do Sim Profiles, so check those out in the new page “People of Ardania”

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