Dinner With the ‘Rents: Ferena, Round 4

Phillip and Marietta Ferena are 40, Tyler Ferena is 16, Madin Ferena is 6, Lise Ferena is 2 (Kalista Ferena and Avram Sills are 18)

Outside, in the orchard Tyler and Avram are engaged in a lively battle of water balloons.  They might as well, it’s summer they’re both on break, and they’re boys.

After receiving and reading Kalista’s letter, Phillip was quite scared.  Who was this hooligan boy his daughter had been hanging around?  Surely he wasn’t respectable and was taking advantage of Kalista!  Marietta somehow had the strange notion that this Avram boy seemed nice, and convinced Phillip to invite him and Kalista to dinner.  Madin and Tyler seemed to like him, and Marietta thought that he seemed like a nice boy, but dinner had yet to begin, and Phillip did not have a good outlook.

“How about a toast to Kalista and Avram?”  Marietta prompted.  Tyler was gung-ho for it, it wasn’t everyday that he got to drink champagne.  Phillip mumbled something about not being able to find his glass.  It was hard to look at anything, what with his daughter and that beastly boy all googly-eyed over each other.

“So, Avram, how are you liking Ardania University?”  Marietta asked.  Phillip smiled smugly, surely this would show how much of a slob and beast Avram was.

“I’m enjoying it quite well, actually.  I’m majoring in mathematics, as I wish to become an architect, and Kalista has been a great help in helping me study, she’s an angel.”  Avram sighed sweetly.

Madin laughed and pointed at Phillip.  “Ha!  Told you so!  Avram’s AWESOME!!!”  He exclaimed.

Phillip was aghast.  He’d even won over a six-year-old!  What next?  His darling baby Lise?

Kalista could tell Avram was nervous, so she wormed her hand into his.  Marietta smiled slightly, but Avram and Kalista took no notice.

“I don’t think your father likes me.”  He whispered to Kalista.  She laughed.  How could anyone not like Avram?  He was so kind, and funny, and dreamy and…

“EEEEW!!!!!  Kalista and Avram are holding hands!!!!”  Madin exclaimed.  Tyler copied this vocalization.  Phillip nearly dropped his knife.  Surely this dinner couldn’t get any worse?

Oh, but it did.  They were holding hands.  Displaying affection for each other!  What next?  They’d probably try to reproduce on the table any second now at this rate!  He had to do something… something to totally ruin Avram’s reputation…

“So, Avram.  How do you feel about my daughter?”  Phillip asked.  The table went quiet.  Madin choked on his peas.  Marietta looked at Avram questionably.

“Sir, I find it hard to explain how I feel about Kalista.  She is the smartest, most beautiful, nicest, sweetest, most caring individual I have ever met, and when I look at her… it’s… it’s as if nothing in the world could possibly go wrong.  Her voice could sing with the birds’, her eyes could dance with the brightest stars, and… that is why I love her.”

Phillip was speechless… this wonderful, amazing, poetic boy was perfect for his daughter.  Why had Marietta thought him to be so wrong for Kalista?

Later that evening, Avram swept Kalista into a hug.  Tyler looked down at his feet awkwardly.  Why did they have to be all mushy and stuff?  I mean, he loved his sister and all… but it was still kind of… what was the word… sickening?

“How’d I do?”

“Oh, Avram, don’t be silly.  Pa likes you, and Mom just loves you.”

Finally, Tyler leaves, Lise and Madin were put to bed, and Phillip and Marietta retire to bed as well.

“Avram, did you mean what you said tonight at the table?”  Kalista asks, her voice wavering.

Avram looks her straight into the eye, his light blue eyes boring straight into her soul.

“Darling, I meant every word.”  He kisses her passionately, and then they too go to sleep.


  • The voice of this post was inspired by a comment by Stephanie, which said :If she sent that letter to her dad I think he would come marching down their to fund out who this Avram Sills is.
  • That made me laugh, and set the tone for Phillip’s mood.  It’s not that he doesn’t like Avram, it’s just that he doesn’t want to let his daughter go so soon, but I think he’s accepted Avram now.
  • Everyone in the Ferena family just loves Avram, so he’s definitely gotten their approval.  As soon as he got on the lot he rolled up wants to be friends with Tyler, Phillip, and Madin.
  • Both students got 4.0’s this round, and I didn’t make them do anything they didn’t want either, they both wanted to write term papers and such, so that was good 🙂

6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    That’s dads for you – he’s just watching out for his little girl!

    I’m glad the meeting went well, on the whole.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Yes, me too, the looks Phillip kept giving Avram were hilarious, and then suddenly they just stopped, so I figure he gave his approval 😛

  2. 3

    Nat said,

    I’m happy for the new couple. It sounds like things are going well and hope they continue to be dynamic together. Hopefully Avram is the “real deal” now that Kalista’s family is quite impressed with him.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Thanks for the compliments to them, and I certainly hope that Avram is the “real deal” because Kalista and her family would certainly be let down if he wasn’t!

  3. 5

    musicluvr06 said,

    Hey hey hey!! It’s gabby! i got me a wordpress! check it out *in beefy man voice(lol!!)* musicluvr06@wordpress.com
    it’s deticated to basically the window keeper story but i’m in the revision state so some of it might be different. *shrug* promote me if you care 😦 *sniff* Chapter one is posted! 😀

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Why of course I shall promote you Gabby 😛 Everybody read Gabby’s blog. There, happy now? 😀 I’ll check it out and leave you tons of annoying comments XD

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