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Hi everybody, no post today because my mom is now becoming addicted to the Sims 2 (Totally not my fault though :P) and she’s been building a restaurant since about 9.  I don’t mind though, she’s really good, maybe I’ll upload some of her stuff sometimes.

But I was just thinking, so here’s some information:

My posting has gone up greatly this week because I’ve been on Spring Break (Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  but I thought I’d give you guys a kind of heads up on my posting schedule:

Monday/Tuesday: I can’t actually play the Sims because of Orchestra practice and Band practice and such.  However, expect a post on one of these days.  Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: I can usually claim the computer (My mom, sister, and I share it), so expect posts on at least two of these days.  Saturday/Sunday: Some weekends I go to my Dad’s, and he lives pretty far away from me, so I can’t exactly play then, but, I may be able to post on both of these days depending on if I have any pics saved in Photobucket.

I know that this has probably bored you to death, but it may help you plan on when to check my website 😛

Also, I was wondering… would you guys prefer if I played this in seasons (Fall, Summer, Etc…) With a posting schedule for each ( Also would have seasonal birthday posts and such), of which I would tell you of course, or keep going the way I am?


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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    I think you should just do it whatever way works for you. You do write for an audience but in the end, you play and write to have fun! 🙂

  2. 3

    musicluvr06 said,

    HAHA! I think all of tessa’s fans should go to muiscluvr06.wordpress.com !! jk! srry tessa but you know how these thing work.
    I think you should keep doing it the way your doing cuz if you do it seasonal people are gonna think ur dormant, retard(jk) and what not so you should post at least more than once a month. Dr. G has given her advince and must leave to post ch. 3!!!

  3. 5

    musicluvr06 said,

    I’m not dumb! I,m really really smart Duh! but i don’t play any update sims 2 or 3 i’m still in my retarded sims 1 thingy with really ugly nerdy looking people… 😦

  4. 7

    musicluvr06 said,

    hey how many views do you have now??

  5. 11

    maisie said,

    I agree you should play how it works for you and is enjoyable for you.

    I prefer playing with seasons, cause I like them. And I schedule each season/round out right here. And I have a census here so I know when there are birthdays (like Bea born in fall)… you just have to find what works for you, and try new things if you want. You will find things that work/don’t work for you.

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