Small Changes: Fief, Round 4, Fall

Julio Fief is 24, Danielle Fief is 23, Carla Fief is 6

Many nights, Carla would just go out by herself to catch the fireflies.  They didn’t have fireflies at their old house, but here there were lots of nice things.  Her own Violin, Fireflies, Butterflies, and a new mommy.  Her new mommy was really nice, she let her do lots of stuff.

Like eat pie.

And Carla really liked pie.  But she’d been getting a bit lonely lately.  Daddy was out at work, cooking for people, although why her daddy would waste time cooking for other people Carla didn’t understand, and her new mommy was at work at a doctors office.

Also, her new mommy was really fat now.  Daddy said that she had babies in her, but Carla didn’t believe him.  Everyone knew that babies came from storks, not mommies!  Laura had told her, and Laura was her best friend, and wouldn’t lie.

To help Carla’s boredom, Julio had a special treat planned for her.  After school one day, he, Carla, and Daniele all went to the pet store, to pick out a new addition to their family.

They left the pet store with a bright little boy, who Carla promptly named Rascal.

The two were nearly inseparable, and Rascal followed the little girl everywhere, often leaving behind a trail of… well… you know.  Carla was doing her best to train him though.  They kept spare newspapers throughout the house, and Carla made sure to praise him whenever he went where he was supposed to.

Everyone else loved Rascal as well, and as they prepared for the new babies, everyone felt very content.


  • Yes, you read right, Danielle and Julio are pregnant with twins, due in Spring!
  • I still love Carla… and so that’s probably why this whole post is nothing but Carla spam =D
  • Also, new background… what do you think?  Too green?

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  1. 1

    antsims3 said,

    Hey, im new to reading your blog! I think it is a great idea to keep on going with the sims 2! Reading this blog brought back many great memories from the game. 😀 Carla is very adorable and I can’t wait to see the twins! How come you didn’t switch to the sims 3? I really like the new green background! Can you read my sims 3 legacy blog? I will link to yours and if you can do the same it will be greatly appreiciated!!!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Oh, are you kidding? I’m a Sims 3 Addict too! I just don’t blog about it 😛 TS2 is what I do on my main computer, and TS3 is for my laptop. I’m a Sims geek to the max! Thanks for the comment about the background, I wanted something that would pop, you know? And I will definitely check your legacy out! Thanks for Commenting!

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    Really love the new layout!

    Oooh and twins! I always get so excited about twins.

  3. 5

    maisie said,

    Aww twins is great! Carla has a puppy and will soon have playmates too. I love kids with puppies/kitties, super sweet. And Carla is adorable, so I’m glad that was lots of spam of her. I’m looking forward to seeing what the twins look like as they grow up, and of course if they are boy or girl.

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Yes, I do love twins 😛 Hee hee, I expect there will be much more Carla spam to come, I usually manage to sneak her into at least two other posts xD

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