The Simple Life: Marshall, Round 4, Fall

Lane and Candi Marshall are 27, Rhett Marshall is 2, and Vera Marshall is 1

Sometimes Candi and Lane just look at their kids and wonder.  How did they ever manage to get a pair of kids this wonderful?  Vera and Rhett are so sweet with each other, always hugging each other, or play with eachother.

Vera is a bit more attention wanting than Rhett, but that’s all right with Candi, she loves both of her children equally, and likes the fact that they want to spend time with her.

Candi likes to teach Vera words and such too, although Vera doesn’t always seem very interested.

And Rhett delights in his new block toys, although he seems to think they’re pretty tasty too.  Rhett was right when he suggested going for the non-toxic variety.

This Friday has been deemed “Date Night”, and Rhett puts a babbling Vera to bed before he gets ready for their “Night out on the town”.

They’re meeting Amanda and Logan at the new restaurant in town, and Maya will meet them there a little bit later.  It’s so sad, what happened with her divorce and all, that Lane and Candi are happy to invite her out to dinner with them.

Lane blows Candi a kiss, and she laughs.  They haven’t been out in ages, thanks to their two rambunctious toddlers, and it’s nice to know there’s still romance in their marriage,

The waiter brings them some wine, or, as Lane’s father used to call it, “Fancy Booze”, and they have a toast to children.  Amanda has two toddlers of her own, twins Chesna and Clifton, and they’re the same age as Vera.  Amanda vows to have a play-date soon, and Logan, already a little tipsy, agrees whole heartedly.  Lane skips the toast and goes straight to the wine.  He hasn’t been drunk in ages, and tonight seems like a great night to start.

While they wait for their food, Lane entertains them with his “Duck in a Bar” joke, everyone laughs.  Candi laughs because she always laughs when Lane tells this joke.  Every single time.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice for love.

When the food gets there, they begin talk about their kids again.  It’s funny, how even when they go out, they can’t help but talk about them.  Logan’s an old hand at this, his oldest son Micah is 16, and he recounts with vivid detail the terrors of teenagers.

Lane plays them some nice music, and Amanda, Candi, and the newly arrived Maya, all clap and listen.  He’s not that bad actually.

The night progresses, and soon the whole group is hitting up the bar.  Lane grins as he watches Candi down a shot.  They used to do this in college all the time.  Candi has quite the head for liquor.

However, it is Lane who proves that he knows what he’s doing,  downing three straight shots of tequila.  Candi knows when she is beaten, and she backs down.

They pull themselves away from the bar, and out onto the floor, where Lane proceeds to dance with Candi.  Together they slowly rock around the floor, in a small circle, islands of love, joined together by a song.

At the end of the dance, Lane gives her a quick kiss, and she smiles sleepily.  It’s been a good night.

Drunk with pleasure, drinks, and happiness, they leave the restaurant, and Logan gives Amanda a serenade.  Boy are they going to have headaches in the morning!


  • This was a pretty quiet house, so I decided to take them out for dinner.  They all had wants to “drink at bar”, so I gave in, and watched the chaos ensue.
  • Amanda kept checking out all the guys, and it was pretty funny, she’s secondary Family, and she’s married, so I don’t know why they’d do that.
  • I officially have deemed the Marshall’s as my favorite family, because they’re just so darn cute!
  • Rhett and Vera are actually friends, even though they’re toddlers, which I found so darn cute, this is a really nice family.
  • Also, if you noticed, I’m starting to implement  different heights in Ardania, and Candi and Lane are at different heights now, I think it’s cute 😛

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Stephanie said,

    Talk about a headache! Three shots of tequilla! Those tolders must be stressful, at least their not high matinence! Maya never up, that is so sad!

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    Those toddlers are super cute! Yeah for new heights, do you like it? My favorite is for kids/teens/toddlers, to show the difference between a 1 year old and a 3 year old.

    Looks like the adults had a nice time kicking back, and maybe Candi had one too many if she’s looking at the other guys.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Yes, I do like the heights a lot 😀 I think it’ll look good on teens especially, I already did Micah Gates, and he looks a lot more realistic when he’s taller than default. I think he’s actually taller then his step-mom, lol!
      Ha ha, yeah, they had a good time, and Amanda definitely seemed to have a little too much. Seriously, every guy in that restaurant was hart-farted by her xD

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