Gone Were The Days: Visenz, Winter, Round 4

Kaylee Visenz is 26, Laura and Marco Visenz are 6

With the twins so much older and bigger, it was time for a change.  Kaylee rented an apartment, from one of the newest buildings in town, Marshall Apartments.  The twins seemed to like it, they had plenty more space for cops ‘n robbers.

They settled in nicely, and everything seemed to be going well.  Laura was in awe of her painting ability, and would often stare at her as she painted.  It made Kaylee feel proud, to know that her children were proud of her.

She helped the twins with their homework after school as well, although there was really no need for that, the children were excellent in school.

And she kept getting phone calls from a man named Roger Jitmuscol.  She’d met him at a coffee shop, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for a commitment yet, or even if her kids were.

She took a chance though, and it turned out to be a good one.

He was so kind, and sweet, and tender, not like the twins’ father had been.

And the twins seemed to like him too, especially when they learned that he had traveled the world practicing cooking before opening his own restaurant in town.

They hit it off really well.

And late at night, when the twins were asleep, sometimes he’d come in to tuck them in with her.  He was so sweet.

So she asked him to move in.  And he said yes.


  • I was glad that something good happened to Kaylee, she deserves it!
  • And guess what that guy’s name is?  Ethan Barrett!  I know, awkward right?  xD

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    Carla said,

    I’m glad Kaylee’s found someone. She seems like a great mother but she needs some time and attention lavished on her too.

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