Everything She Wanted: Lordin, Winter, Round 4

Hannah Lordin is 16

She stared into the mirror, not really believing what she saw.  Surely that wasn’t her.  Hannah Lordin wouldn’t be dressing up for a school dance… and she certainly wouldn’t have a date… but she was, and she did.  And it was her.

Micah and Ellissen got there first, and she took the picture for them.  They’d been officially together for about a year now… and they were truly happy.

And then he got there.  He was… amazing… wonderful… perfect.  Micah took the picture.  It took Ellissen thirty minutes to pose them, and by then they were nearly late.

They danced for a little while, nothing to horrible, mostly just moving their arms to the beat.  Hannah didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Timithy.

A little while later, he dragged her outside.  Taking her hand, he grasped it tightly.  She hoped hers wasn’t too sweaty… that would be gross.

He pulled her closer, and her throat tightened.  Was he doing what she thought?

“Hannah… I really like you… and…”  Timithy stopped speaking, and with his hand, guided her chin towards his.

And he kissed her.  Her first kiss.

After, he drew her into a hug, she savoring his scent.  She would remember this night forever.

They went back inside, and danced again, not really caring if anyone else was there.  It was just them.  Together.  For this one moment in time.

Later that night, after Micah dropped her off back home, she went back to her home, to her trailer, and laid on her dirty, beat up couch.  But she didn’t care.  She was floating on air.

Later that night she heard a ringing on her doorbell, and a delivery man dropped off a package for her.

It was a photo album.  From Timithy.  Of them.  All of the good times they’d had.  That time they’d gone ice skating at the mall, the double date with Micah and Elli, hanging out at the pool.  And finally, a note from Timithy.  It was simple.  Just three little words.  I love you.  And he did.  And so did she.


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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    I’m glad things seem to be going well for Hannah. She’s in a trailer but she’s got her boy and she’s happy. Can’t ask for much more than that!

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    How sweet at the end with the photo album. I’m glad things are looking up for Hannah, a dingy couch isn’t too bad if you have someone in your life. The dance and first kiss were very sweet.

  3. 5

    Stephanie said,

    Oh my gosh Hannah looks really pretty! No offence to her date cause’ he’s cute, but he looks like the spawn of Lave Testy with that tux on and the hair!

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Lol, thanks. I guess he kind of looks like Lave… I wasn’t aiming for that though…. they’re faces are different, because they’re two different sims (I made them in body shop)

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