Changes: Marslin, Round 5, Fall

Ralph Marslin is 31, Cameron, Lyssa, and Anna are all 11

He didn’t realize how much he missed his sisters, until they came over after school one day.  Anna and Lyssa had changed so much, and he’d missed it.  Anna had changed… a lot, but Lyssa was still good old Lyssa, she was still who Cameron felt most comfortable around.

“Dad, Anna and Lyssa are here.”  Ralph didn’t even look up, he was too intent reading something.  Ralph, that’s what Cameron called him now.  Not dad, just Ralph.  At least in his mind.

They went outside, to look at the clouds.

“Cam, doesn’t that one look like a sandcastle?”

“I guess Lyss… kind of reminds me of a hamburger.”

“Maybe it’s just a cloud guys.”

“Well, I hope I can see clouds in the sky as long as possible Anna.”

“Me too, I’m with Lyss.”

They go inside later, to talk before Maya picks up the girls.

“Hey, why do you think Mom and Ralph broke up?”

“I think it’s because Ralph’s in some shady business.”

“I know, that’w why I’ve been working out more, I want to be a cop.  Or maybe I’ll go into the military… anything to get out of here…”

“God, why do you guys even care?  We’re only eleven for crying out loud.  It’s not like we can even do anything about our parents.”

“I know, but it worries me.  What if he does something really bad… and it hurts me, or you two, or mom, or mamma.  I should be able to protect you.”

Before they leave, Anna pauses to whisper something into Lyssa’s ear.  They both smile, they’re going to do something nice to Cameron for a change.

Ralph hasn’t moved from the couch the whole time.  He didn’t even notice his own daughters leave.  Cameron hides in his room, staring at the ceiling.  Only seven more years.


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  1. 1

    antsims3 said,

    Im am so happy for the kids that they want to protect eachother from Ralph. But why is he taking care of the kids. Speaking of them, its weird to look at them as 11 year olds seeing they are teens in the game. Love the stories, keep going!!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Lol, sorry. In my mind, Teens count once they start middle school, and believe me, some middle schoolers are scary… they could eat me for lunch, and I’m a freshman…

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    Cameron is sweet. And Ralph, what a schmuck just ignoring them for their time over.

    I’m with you Tessa, 11/6th grade is teen years. I age to teen at 11 as well.

  3. 5

    Carla said,

    Poor Cameron. I hate that he’s separated from his sisters, especially because he’s stuck with his dad, who doesn’t seem to care about any of them all that much.

    I always get thrown a little too, because I age mine up to teen at 12 (I started high school at 12, which is Grade 7 here).

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Oh really? I started jr. high in sixth grade, although in some states jr. high starts in 7th, I guess I’m going with what I did 😛 I like Cameron, he’s really sweet 🙂

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