Family Matters: Marshall, Round 5, Fall

Lane and Candi Marshall are 28, Rhett Marshall is 3, Vera Marshall is 2

Narrated by Candi Marshall

I really don’t know how Lane and I get anything done around here, it’s so hectic!  I can’t even cook us lunch without having Vera crawling around behind me, asking Rhett for food.

Lane and I are both very grateful to the high chair though, at least it gives us some aspects of control.  Rhett has recently learned how to escape from his crib, but he hasn’t figured out how to get out of that left.

Rhett is also, thankfully, potty trained!  I swear, I never thought this day would come, but thankfully it is.

I do love my babies very much though, they’re so adorable you just can’t help it!  I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really enjoying being at home with them.  I still go into work, but not as much as I used to, just 20 hours as opposed to, say, 40.

And just the other day, when I was pulling a famous stay-at-home mom trick, homemade pancakes, I thought about something I’d seen last night, it was quite chilling actually!

I was looking out the window, when I saw a giant cloud of dust.  I quickly called to Lane for help.

Turns out, it was a dog fight!  I couldn’t believe it!  A dog fight, outside my home!

So, of course, using my wifey wiles, I set out to convince Lane to get a dog.

Of course, he said yes.  He’s like butter in my hands sometimes.

We decided to ask the kids what they wanted to name the dog.  Vera suggested Cheerio.

And Rhett suggested snowball.  Even if it’s a black dog.

Well, our guard dog came.  Or, shall I say, guard puppy!  Rhett loves her, so we named her Snowball.

Vera absolutely love’s Snowball’s doggy bed!  Many a time I’ve walked into Lane and I’s bedroom to find her passed out her bed.

And of course, as soon as we take Vera to bed, Rhett sneaks right back to where she was!

And Lane and I still manage to keep the romance alive in our lives too.

Lane is a very amorous man, not that I mind though.

Oh boy, are the kids going to hate it when they get older though, but personally, it’s how they got here, so they shouldn’t complain!

Although, I guess I’m going to get to enjoy being a stay at home mom a little longer, I’m pregnant again!  Lane and I are both thrilled!


  • Oh my goodness gracious!  These two are super fertile!  I swear, I forgot to put her on BC until I saw them… well, you know :P, and of course, she’s pregnant again!
  • I don’t mind though, they make cute kids 😀
  • I will cut this short now, because my little sister is trying to sneak a peek over my shoulder!  Read it when I post it Stephanie!

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    Carla said,

    “Oh boy, are the kids going to hate it when they get older though, but personally, it’s how they got here, so they shouldn’t complain!”

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure they will complain and telling that’s how they got here will make it even worse! LOL.

    Love the kids in the doggy beds. So sweet. My Eliot used to sleep in the doggy bed all the time when he was a toddler, which I’m sure is very embarrassing to him now. 😉

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