It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Winter Birthdays, Round 5

At the Reynolds home, a newly made over Taja celebrates her son Nicky’s first birthday.  It’s a small celebration, but Taja got one heck of a cake, so little Nicky had better enjoy it!

Nicky is a cutie, inheriting his mother’s dark hair.


At the Fief household, Stewart is now one year old,

And so is his his twin brother Tate.


And finally, at the Ferena-Sills household, Avram wakes up Kalista at a gorgeous 10 at night.

Kalista’s parents are there, along with her two little brothers.  Creepily enough, Avram and her father get along smashingly.  Kalista’s mom is just happy to see her daughter healthy.

Madin seems excited, he’s going to be an uncle!

Avram talks to her belly, telling the triplets not to totally ruin her uterus.

And then, it is time.  Kalista lets everyone know by screaming in pain.

Marietta is very excited, her grandchildren are about to be born.

The triplets are adorable, Allisson, Peter, and Lilla!


  • OMG, Tate and Stewart look like girls!!!  Especially Stewart.  But I aged them up because I was worried, and they’re actually pretty hot!
  • The triplets are here!  They all have black hair (duh) and green eyes… clones?  I hope not…
  • Taja looks pretty hot right?  And Nicky is uber adorable!

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  1. 1

    maisie said,

    Funny that Tate and Stewart will grown into hot sim men. I think they are pretty cute now, and even if they were to grow to be a bit femmy (though they aren’t), facial hair always adds a nice masculine touch.

    I hope the triplets aren’t clones ether, I really like their names.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Yes, I agree, they’re very cute, but I was trying to pick out a hairstyle for Stewart, and I couldn’t find one that made him not look like a girl! It took me a lot of deliberation, and yes, definitely using facial hair! Thanks for the triplet’s names, I try to find good ones!

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    It’s hard to say whether Sim guys will look girly or not by looking at them as toddlers – there’s no difference between boy toddler faces and girl toddler faces. If you switch them in Body Shop, they look exactly the same. I think it’s the same with children. If they still look femmy when they’re teens, then you can consider some masculinisation techniques! That’s why my Jacob has some facial scruff – he’s very soft looking without it. 😉

    But aw, the triplets are here! Kalista and Avram certainly have quite a job ahead of them!

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Oh really? I didn’t know that! Thanks! lol, I remember that post when Jacob turned into a teen and you mentioned something about facial hair 🙂 Yes, Kalista and Avram have their work cut out for them!

  3. 5

    antsims3 said,

    Cute sims. But how did you get triplets or more than twins on the sims 2? And, the clothes for the babies, when i played sims 2 i only got a baby in a diaper. Keep writing!

  4. 7

    Stephanie said,

    Eeeeeeeee!! Babies! All of them are really cute!!

  5. 9

    […] 7 (Allisson, Peter, and Lila Sills, and Giovanni, Hal, Avery, and Eliza […]

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