Making a Life: Reynolds, Round 5, Winter

Taja Reynolds is 25, Nickolas Reynolds-Testy is 1.

She didn’t know how it had happened, but she’d suddenly become a soccer mom kind of gal… and she liked it.  The highlight of her day was always reading a story to Nicky before she put him to bed,

Watching his face as he smiled when she read him a story about Clifford, or Spot, or Elmo,

She loves looking at him, his smiling little face peering back at her… he is perfect.

She tucks him in to go to sleep, pulling the covers up to his chin, making sure he’s warm, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Love you momma.”  He murmurs.  She loves it when he does that, speaking a few words from his ever expanding vocabulary.

“I love you too Nicky.  Don’t you ever forget it.”  She murmurs back.  He’s already fast asleep though.  Out the window snow is falling, she smiles.  Nicky will really enjoy the snow this time, she knows it.

Her friend Amber stops by, and offers to watch Nicky while Taja’s at work today.  She has two sons of her own, and one is Nicky’s age, so it’s perfect.

Nicky loves her, and you can’t help but love Nicky, so it’s perfect.

At That New Look, things are really going well.  She’s become a lot better at sales, and it’s really paying off with profit.

Running the store by herself though, is hard.  Her cashier quit, and she’s running everything by herself now.

So she hired a new cashier… although she suspects he’s watching her… assets… when she turns her back.

She also hires a sales manager/restocker.  His name is Ross Reynolds, oddly enough, but she’s sure they’re  not related.  It’s just an oddity.  She can’t help but admit that she finds him attractive though… although she’s not sure about his idea of her.

They become close friends, and one day, they end up having a pillow fight after closing.

He draws closer to her.

“Taj, let me just cut to the chase… I’d really like to go out on a date with you… would you?”

She tells him yes.  One thing leads to another, and soon, before she knows it, they’re on the couch.

He’s so much kinder and gentler than Lave ever was with her, and it makes her feel special.  He kisses her tenderly, not roughly, smiles at her as if he actually means it… she’s falling for him… definitely.

But at the end of the night, she goes back home to Nicky, because he’s the man in her life that really matters.

They go out into the snow, to play around.  Nicky is beaming, she’s smiling.  It’s lovely.

They play in the snow together some more, and she wonders, could it every get better than this?  She’s making a life for herself, a new life, and she loves it.  And she looks at Nicky and thinks that she’d love having one more… and she makes a call to Julio Fief.


  • Okay people, Julio Fief is head of Child Services, she’s not going to have an affair with him… at least I don’t think 😛
  • Sorry this took so long, it took me so long to write for her!
  • I’m finding myself loving Taja so much more and more, she’s actually very sweet 🙂

8 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Aw, she’s going to adopt another? That’ll be nice, for Nicky to have a brother or sister. I thought maybe she was going to see how things pan out with Ross. He could be her true love!

  2. 3

    antsims3 said,

    Aww, her relationship with her son is so cute! 😀 I would like to see her get pregnant with Ross while having two kids at home…Keep writing! New chapters up on my blog!

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      That would be nice… but I don’t know if she’d be able to handle it… and I am sooo in love with Nicky 😀 Can’t wait to read your chapters!

  3. 5

    xcin100x said,

    Nicky really seems like a friendly sim 🙂 Cant wait for more, check out my legacy, ive got a new chapter! 🙂

  4. 7

    Stephanie said,

    What do you mean have a afair with Julio! That’s just wrong!

    • 8

      Tessa said,

      Ugh, Stephanie, as I already explained to you in the car, the Sims are going to ultimately do whatever they want, so if the great ACR wishes them to get together, I will simply tell you the outcome via story blog 🙂

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