Reaching Out: Marslin, Round 5, Spring

Mina Marslin is 75, Maya Marslin is 29, Cameron, Lyssa, and Anna Marslin are 11

“Oh, it’s so great to have you back darling.”  Maya says, hugging Lyssa tightly.

“It’s good to be back too.”  Lyssa replies.

Cameron and Anna are playing rock paper scissors in preparation of their party.  Somehow, they managed to convince Maya to let them have some friends over, and they’ll be arriving soon.

Although they take some time out to talk to their grandmother.

The twins Breeanna and Alice arrive first.  Breeanna is more of an outgoing, fashionista type, so she and Anna are stuck to each-other like glue.  Alice is more of a quieter, shy person, so she and Lyssa are close.

Cameron’s friends Yu and Matt come as well, and they all sit down at the table to talk.

Cameron tries to attract the interest of Breeanna by talking about jewelry, I mean, that’s what cute girls like, right?

Lyssa, feeling uncomfortable around so many people, goes out to the porch to relax.  Instead, she sees a giant hole in their property.

And she sees her father, leaving their lot, a shovel on the ground next to him.

She sits down on their porch swing, and squeezes her eyes, willing herself not to cry.

She hears the door open, and sees Matt walking out.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”  She says, sniffling a little bit as she gets up to go somewhere else.

“No, don’t go!  Stay, I’ll listen.”  He says.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”  He says.  And for some reason, she does.

And he listens.  He talks at the right times, and listens when he’s supposed to.  When she talks about how she hates what her father is doing to their family, he doesn’t say anything, just lets her speak.  And she barely even knows him, he’s just a distant friend of Cameron’s.

“Come on, follow me.”  He says, beckoning for her to follow him.

“Here, you know what always cheers me up when I’m sad?  Looking at the stars.”  He says, sinking to the ground.

“Look, it’s Ursa Major.”  He says.  She looks up, and sees it.  Nature, it’s one thing she enjoys.  Being healthy, one with the world… no one else really gets it… but somehow Matt does.

“Yes, and  there’s Orion.”  She replies.

“Um, I don’t really know how to say this… but… thanks.”  She says.

“I really needed someone to listen, and you did.  Thank you.”  She says.

“No problem, happy to help.”  He replies.

They stay there like that for a few moments longer, gazing into each-other’s eyes.  She never noticed how brown his eyes were before, he never noticed how her smile is so… bright.  He’s never really noticed her before sixth grade, but now… now it’s something different.

Inside, Breeanna and Anna are talking,

Yu and Cameron are playing catch.  Nobody really notices where Matt and Lyssa are.

He gives her a hug, and, maybe it’s just her imagination, but she thinks he holds her a bit longer than a normal hug.  But she doesn’t mind.  She’s only eleven, but even though her life is barely beginning, she feels as if she’s turning a new page.

Later that night, she kisses her nanna to sleep.  And her mind is buzzing.  She can’t stop thinking about Matt.  She really likes him.  A lot.  He reached out to her, when she really needed it.  And she’ll never forget what he’s done for her.


  • Eeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Matt and Lyssa are sooooo adorable together!!!!
  • They’re nowhere close to even being allowed to date or anything, they’ll have to wait for high school, but I remember when I was in 6th how everybody was crushing on people, so why not them?
  • Breeanna and Anna strike me as the type of people who would be ms. popular and such, so I figure they’d be great friends.  They actually are friends.  And, funnily enough, whenever Cameron would talk to Breeanna, she’d totally ignore him 😛  It was so hilarious.
  • Oh, also, I posted another post today, about the Visenz’s.

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    Stephanie said,

    Will somebody ever send Cameron home! Don’t they know how bad Ralph is?

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