It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Birthdays, Summer, Round 6

At the Marshall house, Rhett is celebrating his fourth birthday.

He is rewarded with a new, space themed room,

And is just in time to see his mother giving birth.  No one really knows why she’s screaming, she’s a pro at this by now!

Baby Alexa Marshall is born!

Townie Maven Regin celebrates his fourth birthday,

As does Clifton Gates,

And his twin sister, Chesna.

Finishing up the four year old birthdays is Lise Ferena.

Who’s mother is expecting twins.

At the Reynolds home, a pregnant Taja Reynolds welcomes new adopted son, Louis.

Over at the University, Miriam Regin celebrates her 18th birthday,

As does Tyler Ferena,

Hannah Lordin,

Micah Gates,

His girlfriend, Ellissen Pitziati,

And Hannah’s militaristicaly made over boyfriend, Timithy Bachele.


Also:  I figured out how to do ROS, thanks to much help from Carla at Sullivan Sims!  So, here are my rolls (Four)

1.  Sinks break:  Break all sinks in home.

2.  Blind date rampage:  Go on 1 Blind Date.

3.  Family feud:  Change your interests opposite in every category to one family member and then have a fight.

4.  Make it happen:  Pursue your biggest want, you can do it if you try!

Well, I’m not really that worried about #1 and 4, but #2 and 3…. they’re going to suck…


  • Holy crap, that’s a lot of birthdays!!!  I decided that everyone who was born before my season ranking would have a summer birthday… bad, bad idea Tessa.
  • Timithy is in AU (Ardania University, I know, clever right?  😛  )
  • I love Ellissen, she’s so cute, right?
  • All of the four year olds are sooooo adorable, I think I might die!!!!

2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Stephanie said,

    Ellisen looks really cute with that hair! Miram’s hair looks like she died it.the babies and four year olds are really cute!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Thanks Stephanie, I try my hardest to make my sims look un-ugly. Lol about Miriam’s hair… she probably would die it, but she’s actually a red head… hmmm… maybe she’ll go blonde! 😛

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