Round 5 Summary/Round 6 Play Schedule

Yay!!!!  End of Round 5!!!!  On to the Summary!!!!!

Births: 7 (Allisson, Peter, and Lila Sills, and Giovanni, Hal, Avery, and Eliza Straight)

Deaths: None

Breakups: None

Engagements: 1 (Kalista Ferena and Avram Sills)

Marriages: 1 (Kalista Ferena to Avram Sills)

Round 6 Play Schedule:

Summer: Marslin 2 (Part One), Marslin 2 (Part 2), Uni 2

Fall:  Elementary School, Marshall, Reynolds, Marslin 1

Winter: Barrett, Ferena, Straight, Gates

Spring:  Middle School, Visenz, Uni 1, Fief

Yay!!!!!  Excitement!!!  Also, I was wondering, where did everyone get their ROS file from, because I sort of lost mine and I can’t find it and I was going to use it.  Thanks!


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    Carla said,

    Laura of Lakeside Heights has hers up for download somewhere in her sidebar and you can get mine by clicking on the Downloads link in my sidebar (the ROS isn’t the first post you’ll see but scroll down and you’ll find it!)

    Most people use a mix of their own scenarios and ones they pick up from other people. Every time I see someone using a scenario I haven’t got yet, I add it to my list.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Oh, okay, thanks! I just checked it out. The only other question I have is how do you choose what person gets it, or do you just pick a person and roll? Thanks sooooo much 😀

      • 3

        Carla said,

        The one I have up on my blog is just a list of the events but if you look at Laura’s file, that should give you a good idea of how to set out your own. If you do it her way (I do), you just need to drop the file on Hook’s Randomizer icon and it’ll tell you the event and the Sim it’s going to happen to.

        Sometimes you might need to reroll, because it’ll be maybe an “Oops preggo!” event for an elder or something, but it generally works very well and it saves a ton of time!

      • 4

        Tessa said,

        Ohhh, I get it!!!!!!! Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!

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