Coming To A Head: Marslin, Round 6, Summer

Ralph Marslin is 32, Cameron, Lyssa, and Anna are all 12.

“Whoa!”  Cameron exclaims.  He’s reading a book about the work of Police Officers on the streets.  He can’t believe that one guy- well, let’s just say he probably shouldn’t have read that part.

“What’s going on?”  Ralph asks.

“Oh, nothing.”  Cameron mumbles, his voice soft.

“Listen, I have to stay at work late tonight, got some extra paperwork to do and stuff.”  Ralph begins.  Cameron knows he’s lying.  His line of work doesn’t deal with paperwork, unless its cold, hard cash.  He nods slightly.

“Your sisters might be coming to spend the night, I don’t know.  Your mother…”  At this point his voice trails off and Cameron can hear him whispering obscenities under his breath.

“… but anyway, they might come, and they might not.”  As he says this, he stands up, seeing the carpool.  Cameron absentmindedly wonders if it’s the getaway car.  He doesn’t ask though.

“If you get hungry, order some Chinese or something.  There’s money on the table.”  He leaves, and Cameron is grateful.

“Lyss, please come.  Anna will come if you do, I know she will.”  A pause.

“Yes, he’s already left for work.”

“Please, Lyss, please.  I don’t want to be alone.  Again.”  That breaks her, he knew it would.

“I’ll call in Chinese.  Any type you want.  Lomaine?  Then Lomaine it is.”

“I don’t know, maybe they’ll come over.  I’ll ask.  Yes, I know that it’s Anna’s fault your asking.  I know the difference between you guys.  She’s the desperate one.  No, I didn’t really mean that.”  He smiles a little.

“But you promise you’ll come, right?  I’m ordering right now.  Tell Mom and Mamma I love them.  Love you too Lyss.”

He calls Yu and Matt as well, he might as well have some of his friends over too.

Lyssa and Anna get there first, they took the bus.  He gives Lyssa a great big hug.

“Thank you so much for coming.  I know you didn’t want to.”  He whispers.  She smiles.

“Anything for you Cameron, I know how lonely you get without our company.”  She laughs as she says this, and he laughs too.

“Cameron!  Where’s the food!  Lyssa told me that you told her that there’d be food!”  Anna calls out.  They may say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but Cameron and Lyssa are pretty sure that it applies to Anna too.

Matt and Yu arrive shortly, and are followed by Chinese food.  Anna cheers, although because of food or boys Cameron is not really sure of.

He doesn’t really notice it until Anna points it out, but Lyssa and Matt are sitting about as far apart as they possibly can on the couch.

Anna hides her snickers by stuffing her face, while Cameron, not really wanting to think about one of his best friends and his little sister awkwardly stares down his noodles.

Anna, apparently spurned by the fact that her shy younger sister, who has the weirder haircut, is getting attention from males other than her brother, decides to put her moves on Yu.  Yu doesn’t object.  Cameron decides to work out instead of watching these atrocities.  God, when did their hormones get so bad anyways?

Feeling better now that Cameron is gone, Matt decides to talk to Lyssa again.  It starts a little bit awkward.

Cameron, unnerved now, beckons for Matt to follow him to his room, to “talk about stuff”.

“Look, Matt, what’s going on with you and my sister?”  Asks Cameron, never one to beat around the bush.

“N-nothing.  I swear.  We’re just friends.”

“Oh, come on, you guys are totally into each other.  My sister told me so.  She says that all Lyssa ever talks about is you.”

Matt blushes.

“Really?”  Cameron nods at him in answer.

“Well, I mean, I guess I do like her.”

“Then go for it.  Just don’t treat her badly.”

He walks out, and grabs Lyssa’s hand suddenly.  It’s soft, and warm, and curls around his unexpectedly.

“Look, Lyssa, I really like you a lot… do you like me?”  He asks.

She shakes her head yes, a blush spreading like fire across her cheeks.  He smiles too.  They are happy.

Later on, everyone leaves and Anna and Lyssa curl up on the couches to go to bed.

” ‘Night Anna.”  Lyssa murmurs.

” ‘Night Lyssa.”  Anna slurs back.

Outside, the car rolls up, fast approaching.  It’s much later than most late work nights.  One in the morning, to be exact.

Cameron is still awake though, and he’s waiting.  He knows how bad these “late nights” can get.  And he’s not going to let anything that’s happened to him happen to his sisters.  Ever.


  • This is part one of a two part story line about the Marslin’s.  Part two should be up tomorrow.
  • What do you think of their skins?  I got a new one for default, and although I didn’t like it at first, it’s actually started to grow on me… I’m still debating whether or not I’ll keep it though.
  • Matt+Lyssa= ADORABLE!!!!!!!  They’re not actually together or anything, they’re WAY to young for that, but I think they’re so cute and innocent together 😛

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    I think the skins look great but it’s more important that YOU like them!

    Matt and Lyssa are very cute together. I hope the infatuation lasts long enough for them to get together for real when they’re a little older.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Yes, the skins are growing on me. I hope that Matt and Lyssa stay together. I love them together, they’re so cute and nice 😛 These two will probably stay together though, because they are ACR crazy!!!!!!! I actually had to turn ACR woohoo off, or they probably would have done it, they were trying to do everything else, and it was getting annoying trying to click everything off for them!

  2. 3

    Stephanie said,

    What a dumb dude. Ralph that is. The cops should get that dude already!

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