School Days: Ardania Elementary School, Round 6

Teachers are John Ralston and Amber Bachele

Primary Class Students are:  Madin Ferena, Carla Fief, Sam Ralston, Laura Visenz, and Marco Visenz, all age 8

Pre-Primary Class Students are:  Chesna Gates, Clifton Gates, Rhett Marshall, Lizzie Ralston, Lise Ferena, and Maven Regin, all age 4

Narrated by Principal John Ralston

The day started out pretty good, in my pre-primary class my daughter Lizzie seemed to be making friends with Chesna Gates.

I couldn’t believe how well my class behaved, I didn’t even have to do anything!  I read them a book at the beginning, and then set them off to play.

The girls all gravitated to the activity table, where they drew pictures.  I’m hoping if they ever finish one, I can hang them up on the walls around the classroom.

Meanwhile, the boys went to the other activity table, where they proceeded to build with the blocks.  I’m glad that they all seem to be making friends, I don’t really have any loners in this class.

In the primary class, Ms. Bachele got lucky this year, all of the children in her class are the same age, eight.

My son Sam seemed to be having some problems,

But Ms. Bachele helps every student, making sure that they all understand the lesson.

After lunch, it was time for recess.  I was glad to see that the older students were making an effort to talk to the younger children.  Marco is a very nice person, and he made Rhett feel very welcome.

All of the children enjoyed research, but unfortunately, it started to rain, cutting their recess short.

Ms. Bachele’s class then went to the arts room.  Laura and Sam weren’t that bad on the piano’s, but I’m just glad that I don’t have to listen to them, poor Ms. Bachele says that her ears ring by the time that class is over.

Madin Ferena gave singing a try out as well, he really belted it out, the whole pre-primary class could hear.

However, Ms. Bachele is graced with the presence of Carla Fief, a real violin prodigy.  Ms. Bachele just couldn’t stop talking about her afterwards, I’ve resolved to try to make an effort to hear her one day, because I’ve heard she’s nothing short of amazing.

Overall, Ms. Bachele seems pleased with her job though, and I hope she stays on, she’s a marvelous teacher.

At the end of the day the students are all smiling, although from a great day, or from the chance to read, I’m not sure.


  • Teehee, I like my new school, it’s colorful!
  • The Ralston’s are a new family I created, just so I could have another teacher, and Amber Bachele is Timithy Bachele (Hannah Lordin’s boyfriend).
  • School was good, all of the kids are making friends with each-other, and no one has failed yet!

6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Looking good! I like that bright wallpaper you have in the pre-primary room!

    Madin on the microphone was my favourite. Little kids are so funny when they get behind the mic! LOL.

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    The school looks great in session! The playground looks nice as well. Lizzie and Chesna playing is a cute photo. I hope things go well for the new family in town.

  3. 5

    antsims3 said,

    AWWW. I love the new school. But how did you get to control all those kids at school with a teacher?

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      There’s a sight called where they have some truly mind blowing hacks. One of them allows you to run a community lot school, it’s amazing! The kids still have to do homework and go on the bus like normal, but if you build a new building, you can play it like a school. It’s pretty good for story purposes and stuff, so I really like it 😛

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