Welcome Crazy: Reynolds, Fall, Round 6

Russell Reynolds is 31, Taja Reynolds is 26, Nicholas Reynolds-Testy is 2, Ross Reynolds is 1, and Bekah and Christina Reynolds are two months.

Narrated by Taja Reynolds

Bekah and Christina are so cute.  At times it seems like Bekah is the more active one, the one who will be the trouble child,

But then we turn around for a moment, and Christina is the one messing around, while Bekah is asleep.  They’re quite the feisty pair.

I’m really enjoying them though, they’re so sweet when you fed them.

Russell really enjoys them too, he’s always feeding one, or changing the other’s diapers.  But it can’t really be helped, with four children under three, we’re kept on our toes.

We’ve been making sure to pay some attention to the boys too.  Russell is making a real effort to be part of Nicky’s life, especially since Lave isn’t there.

I’m glad that Ross is settling in well, he and Nicky play together a lot, but he’s also content to play by himself.  Although I’m a bit worried about his habit of chewing on his toy blocks…

Unfortunately, since we had to buy this spur of the moment house due to the twins, I’ve had to go into work a lot more lately.  I don’t mind that much, I mean, some people really need it, but it bothers me to spend so much time away from the children.

It makes me feel great though, to see the people walk out with their newfound style.

But when I get home, every day Russell greets me with a kiss and a hug.  It’s so nice of him, and it’s just a little thing he does that makes me feel special.  I really love him.

It caught me off guard when the other night he pulled me into the dining room for a chat.  Was he going to leave me?

He started talking about our relationship, about our family, about our commitment.  I was so scared, all I could do is nod.

And then he slid the box across the table.

I opened it, not even believing what was happening.

“Taja, will you marry me?”  He asked.

I said yes.


  • Sorry this one was kind of… frumpy… I’ve been busy with the simfic50 challenge on Live Journal, I just started it.  The writing on that is much, much better than this one, so if you’d like to check it out, I’ll post the link for the community here.  My story is Puppet vs. Master, and it’s posted under my username ts8v2.  The challenge seems pretty cool, and it’s very in-depth and interesting, so… sorry that this one kind of flumped today.  🙂
  • Yay!  Wedding!  Yes, the one and only Taja Reynolds rolled an engagement want, without the fear of getting engaged!  Russell had one as well, with only the fear of being rejected, and of course, since I am never one to spare a sim from a wedding, engagement!!!!


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Aw, I’m glad they’re getting married! I think Russell is a keeper, personally. 😉

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Hee hee, I hope he’s a keeper, because I like them together, they’re cute. He’d better stay, I’m not leaving her alone with four kids!

  2. 3

    S said,

    Yay! I’m glad they’re getting married. It’s so nice to see things working out for Taja after what she went through with Lave. Russell seems to be a really nice guy (and cute too, lol!) 🙂

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