For Better or Worse: Marslin, Round 6, Fall

Mina Marslin is 77, Maya Marslin is 31, Cameron, Ralph and Anna Marslin are 13

Cameron is still trying to convince Breeanna to go out on a date with him, but to no avail.  She doesn’t like him.  At all.  But Cameron, being a teenage boy, has convinced himself that she is playing hard to get.  So he continues.

And surprisingly, she agrees to a date.  Or rather, an outing, with other people.  But Cameron knows that it’s really a date.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Lyssa and Breeanna’s sister Alice are talking.

“So… do you think Matt really likes me?”  Lyssa asks.  Alice sighs.  They’ve talked about this so many times, now Lyssa’s brother Cameron, now he’s someone worth talking about.

“Yes, I think he really likes you.  Why else would he always talk to you and stuff?”

“I don’t know, maybe he’s just being nice to me because I’m Cameron’s sister?”

“Lyss, the guy likes you, believe me.  Whenever he sees you, he’s got that goofy smile on his face.  Guys only get that smile when they like someone.”

“I guess… Cameron gets that around Breeanna sometimes.”  Lyssa says.  Alice sighs again.

“Alice, why do you always do that when I talk about Cameron?”  Alice doesn’t say anything.

“Oh my gosh!  You like Cameron don’t you!  That’s so cute!”  Lyssa squeals.  Alice blushes.

“That would be so great if you guys got together!  Then you’d be like… my sister-in-law!”

“Right, like that would ever happen.”  Alice says, but she smiles too, imagining being married to Cameron.

Downstairs, Maya and Matt are getting to know each other.  Maya has decided that if her daughter is into some boy, she might as well get to know him.  She corners him in the bathroom, and as they talk, she finds herself really liking this boy.  So when he asks her if he can take her daughter on a trip to the park, she agrees.

When they get there, it’s a little awkward at first, but then the conversation starts to flow more smoothly.  They talk about everything.  School, food, their siblings, Ralph.  When Matt talks, Lyssa listens, and when Lyssa talks, Matt listens.

As they get up to leave, Matt suddenly strokes her cheek.  His hand is strong, but soft.  Lyssa’s breath catches in her throat.

“Listen, Lyssa, I really like you…” He starts off.  She stares into his eyes, willing him to continue.

But sometimes, words just can’t say what actions can.

At home, Mina takes some time to remember her youth, by jumping in the puddles.

But she’s not as young as she used to be, and soon, she catches a cold.  And then that cold turns into pneumonia.  And she knows that she’s not going to make it through this.  And late one night, Mina Marslin passes away.

Cameron is just very quiet, not quite believing.

Lyssa is completely torn up.  After all that she’s been through, just when things were getting good again, everything wet wrong.

Anna and Maya share a hug.  They’re going to miss Mina for sure.  Nana is gone forever now.


  • Sniff sniff.  Just when I thought it was going good, Mina kicks the bucket.  Grrr.  I should really check their age bars more often 😦
  • So, now I have no elders for a while.  😦
  • Matt and Lyssa!!!  Yess!!!  I love them, they’re adorable together!
  • Anna is still continuing her conquest on Yu, they just didn’t have a lot of pictures together.
  • Ralph is in jail, so we won’t be seeing him anytime soon *cheer* .
  • Winter birthdays next, yay!

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    S said,

    RIP, Mina. 😦 It’s so sad that this family has to go through another sad time just when things were starting to look up with Ralph in jail and not able to bother them.

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    Aw, RIP, Mina! Did she still have a good few years in her before the pneumonia took her away? Or was she due to die soon? It’s sad either way but a little sadder if she still had a long life ahead of her.

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