Friends and Family: Ferena, Round 6, Winter

Phillip and Marietta Ferena are 42, Madin Ferena is 8, Lise Ferena is 4, and Alana and Elizabeth Ferena are 3 months old.

(Kalista and Avram Sills are 20, Allisson Sills, Peter Sills, Lila Sills, and Ross Reynolds are 1, Nicholas Reynolds is 2, and Taja Reynolds is 26)

Narrated by Marietta Ferena

With so many children, our house is always a mess. I can’t count the number of times a day I find myself having to clean a counter, or a toilet, or making a bed.

Poor Phillip is outside for so many hours as well.  I worry about him, using those large tools, but he’s always safe, especially when Madin helps him, so I guess I really can’t complain.

As a treat (for myself mostly), I invited over Taja the other day and asked her to bring her children.  She agreed, and brought over her two sons Nicholas and Ross.  It was great seeing her again, and hearing about how she was doing.  I was so happy for her, she had two lovely twins, and she got engaged to boot.  I think that having those babies really helped her get her life in order, and now she seems to be doing really well.

I also invited over Kalista, Avram, and the triplets.  They’re getting so big so fast, I can hardly believe it!  Lise was so excited, she immediately started to play with Allisson.  They looked so cute together.

I couldn’t keep my hands off of them, but you can’t really blame me, they’re just so adorable!  I can’t believe that I’m already a grandmother, especially with Kalista so young, but really, she couldn’t have had sweeter children.  Peter was beaming at me the whole time, and by the end of the night, I’d taught him how to say Nana.

Phillip and Lila really hit it off too, he carried her around nearly the whole night, playing with her, or showing her off.

Kalista and Taja really seemed to hit it off too, I saw them talking a lot, and they seemed to be getting along quite nicely.  Taja’s a bit older than Kalista, but I think they’d really enjoy each-other’s company.

Allisson and Ross played together a lot, and they seemed to be becoming fast friends.

Lila and Nicholas were seen playing together quite a bit too, and it made all of us smile quite a bit.

Madin played with the boys as well,

Lise joined in later, but Allisson seemed to be getting a bit moody near the end of the night.

Kalista and Lise had some fun together, which made me glad.  I want all of my children to have good relationships with each-other, but with such big age differences between most of them, it makes me worried sometimes.

Kalista and Avram managed to sneak away later on, even with all of the chaos in our house going on, and I caught them kissing.  I’m glad that they’re married now, it was the right thing to do.  Avram seems like a very nice man, and he’s treated Kalista perfectly so far, so I’m really finding myself liking him.

As it started getting too late for the triplets, Kalista and Avram decided to leave.  It’s about an hour drive back to the university, so it was understandable.  Madin made sure to give her a kiss good-bye, which made me smile.  I can’t believe he’s eight already, soon he’ll be off in college like Tyler, and then it will be Lise’s turn, and then Elizabeth and Alana.

Luckily, we’ve got quite a bit more time with Alana and Elizabeth.  They’ll definitely be our last children, and Phillip and I cherish them.

After all that went on, I managed to wrangle Lise into bed at her bed time.  She’s in Kalista’s old room now, and she’s so proud of it.  She’s so sweet, but she’s all Phillip, very excitable and energetic.

Luckily the twins are too young to really cause any problems yet, they’re content with sleeping, something Phillip and I are very happy with!


  • I had no idea what to do with this family, so I decided to have a big family/friend get together!  It turned out pretty good, so I was happy.
  • Allisson and Ross look pretty cute together, too bad he’s gay!  I was just in SimPE, so I thought I’d check, and the boy is gay, pre-destined!  However, there’s another sim close to his age who’s gay as well, so perhaps I’ll fix him up with them!  Ha, I’m such a great sim matchmaker!
  • Aah!  The triplets are sooo darn adorable!  Maybe that’s why I decided to do this, my subconscious wanted to see their adorable-ness.  Plus, I got to see Ross and Nicky, bonus!
  • If you didn’t notice, I linked to the profiles at the top of the screen.  This morning I spent about two hours updating and such, so now I’ve got the Gates family up there, as well as a few others.  Now I just have to work on updating everyone else… lovely, I know how my night is going to be spent now 😛  But please, check them out if you’d like!

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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    So many children! Family get-togethers are always fun but it’s extra cute when there are a huge bunch of children.

    Funny you just mentioned Ross being gay (you know you can check that with ACR in game, right?) I randomise my Sims as well and I just discovered one of my little boys is going to end up gay too. And I will bet money that there’ll be no other gay boys his age when the time comes! I got lucky with Calvin and Aaron – exactly the same age and both gay! And 3 bolts, to boot!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Yeah, especially when there area bunch of adorable children 😛

      Really? That should be interesting! If you want I’ll package up Ross or the other one for you… oh fine, I’ll give it away… Stewart Fief! *gasp* . It can be a trade off for Nick!

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