Come Together: Gates, Winter, Round 6

Logan Gates is 38, Amanda Gates is 33, Clifton and Chesna Gates are 4

(Micah Gates and Ellissen Pitziati are 18)

Narrated by Amanda Gates

Micah and his girlfriend Ellissen came by to stay the night the other day, and I have to say, it was so nice having him back.

Chesna and Clifton were both really excited to see their older brother, and they spent a lot of time chatting with him.

I made Micah’s favorite dinner, spaghetti.  He and Ellissen were really excited to have a home-cooked meal, because apparently, at their dorm, their cook keeps lighting the food on fire.  This worried me, but he assured me that no one had gotten hurt.

This meant I got to eat dinner with the twins,

While Ellissen got to eat on the couch with Logan.

After dinner, Ellissen offered to do the dishes, and I gladly accepted.  Unfortunately, the sink broke as she was using it.

So Logan got to spend the rest of his evening fixing the sink.  He did it, but he got thoroughly soaked.

After the sink fiasco was over, Micah and Ellissen retired to the couch.  They didn’t really do anything, they just cuddled, but the looks on their faces were so pure and full of love.  They’ve been together for almost four years.

To give them some space, I distracted the kids with the fish.

Since his brother was over, I let Clifton stay up later.  Micah took him outside to the soccer net, and they played for a couple of hours.  I was glad to see that they enjoyed their time together, especially because of their age difference and the fact that they’re only half-siblings.

As a treat I took Chesna shopping for some new clothes.

Chesna got a little makeover, and I think her new hairstyle looks lovely.

As a spur of the moment kind of thing, I got my hair done too.  I really like it, it looks a lot more sophisticated.

We both had a really good time, and I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter.

When we got back home, Micah asked me and Logan to come into his room.  He had a surprise for us.  He was going to propose to Ellissen, but he wanted our approval.  I was ecstatic, and Logan seemed happy too.

Ellissen was entertaining the twins outside, and she had no idea.

The moment was beautiful, and he asked her to marry him.

She said yes.

I’m happy to see them starting this new chapter in their life, and that I’ll be able to help plan their wedding!


  • Yay!  Wedding!
  • Also, Amanda is pregnant, via ACR risky woohoo.  They both had the baby want, so I took her off birth control, and BAM!  Instant baby!  Baby Gates is due Winter, Round 7

6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    LOL, it never seems to take them long to try for another baby once you take them off BC. That reminds me though, do you use ACR 2, the one with the option to set the ideal family?

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    Well that was quick! Yeah for a little one though! And yeah for a wedding! The makeovers turned out quite nicely.

    The ACR ideal family is pretty simple, you just select how many you think they’d want, and they are supposed to try for baby to get to that. That’s the basic jist. But I found that some of my sims try for another (Leah) when their ideal family size is default (-1) and already have 3 kids.

    You could roll it if you want, I’d probably stick to a d3, lol.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Sorry, my mom was nagging me to eat, but I really wanted to put up a post tonight. Thanks, I thought they looked pretty good 🙂

      Thanks! I’m totally going to try that now!

  3. 5

    S said,

    Yay! Congrats to Micah and Ellissen! Can’t wait to see their baby. Amanda and Chesna look great with their makeovers. 🙂

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