It’s That Birthday Time of Year: Spring Birthdays, Round 6

Reece Straight is four years old now!

And, as a side note, look at his nose!  His gorgeous, un-Alon nose!  Hallelujah, one saved, four to go!

Vera Marshall is also turning four this year.  I think she favors her father a little bit more, but she has her mother’s nose.

And finally, in the Reynolds house, their twins Bekah and Christina are turning one year old!  Bekah goes first,

She favors Russell, but she has her mother’s eyes.

Next is Christina,

Christina favors Taja more, with her mother’s hair, eyes, and a darker skin color.


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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Christina is going to be a stunner, I bet!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Actually, I’m thinking that Bekah is going to look better so far, Christina’s face just has this kind of… odd thing, I don’t know, Bekah’s overall smoother, hold on, I’m going to go check right now! Lol, I feel like a cheater now 😛

      • 3

        Tessa said,

        Haha, I peeked at all of their kids 😛 I’m not going to say anything much, but let me just say, Nicholas… wow. He’s just… wow. You’ll see!

  2. 4

    maisie said,

    I absolutely adore Christina’s coloring, she looks like she will be quite beautiful! And what an opposite of Bekah with hair/coloring, who also looks like she will hold her own in the beauty deparmtnet. And woot! that Reece has a straight nose! Hopefully your luck continues!

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