School Days: Ardania Public High/Jr. High School, Round 6

Katherine Andelique is 26, Cameron, Anna, and Lyssa Marslin are 13, Breeanna and Alice Wildon are 13, Matt Regin is 13, and Yu Aderine is 13.

Not surprisingly, the school day begins with Alice hard at work, and her sister Breeanna waiting for her to finish so she can copy it.

The Marslin girls are the same way, with Anna slacking off and Lyssa hard at work.

Their brother Cameron has no idea what he’s doing, and is desperately trying to figure out why this work is so hard!

Thankfully, with help from their depressed teacher, all of the students understand their assignments and finish them on time.

Next it’s time for the hobby class.  Yu is very confused as to why he is supposed to hit this piece of brick with a hammer, but he tries to look cool while he’s doing it.

Cameron has no idea what he’s doing either, so he decides to just hit his lump of metal with the wrench.  That should do something, right?

Lyssa and  her boyfriend Matt are, not surprisingly, next to each-other, trying to learn pottery.  Lyssa seems to be enjoying it, while Matt seems very… energetic.

Lyssa’s best friend Alice is also doing pottery, while her twin Breeanna attempts to flower arrange.

Anna is also doing flower arrangement.  It’s the easiest, least messy thing to do.

Yu has managed to destroy the chunk of brick in front of him, aided by his hammer.

Cameron is engaged in a deadly tool battle, although whether the screwdriver or the wrench is winning is hard to tell.

Anna succeeds in putting flowers in a vase, and quite nicely in fact.

Lyssa finishes a plate, and paints it very nicely.  She is very happy about her achievement.

Matt also finishes his plate, and Lyssa helps him paint it.

Their grades hanging in the balance, Yu manages to produce a painted brick.  Surprisingly, it earns him an A minus.

Cameron however, manages to barely earn a B, by somehow shorting out a toy robot.  How was he to know that it had wires in it?

Overall, however, it was a very productive day!


  • Lol, I have no teenagers right now, as you can see.  They’re all the same age!
  • I moved Katherine from intelligence to education, because I figure that she wouldn’t want to keep working with Michael.
  • I will have a tour of for Maisie sometime soon, right now I’m gearing up for a three week long road trip with my family, so I’m trying to start getting lots of drafted posts ready, so I can just pre-schedule them.  The tour will probably be one of them.  We’re leaving in about two weeks, so I’ll still be able to post normally for now.  I guess I’ll handle that situation more when it gets closer.
  • Oh, and Carla, I have news about the school!  I got all of my students to finish their work without any tutoring from the teacher or anything!  I think I have it figure out: if the student is serious, they’ll work on it with less interruptions than the more playful sims.  Basically, everyone except for Lyssa and Matt got up once, so I had Katherine call them back to their work, and after that they just all kept working on it until I ended the class!  Lyssa had  179% done, and Matt had about 165%!  I hope this helps you a little bit, I don’t think it has anything to do with the teachers.

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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Ah, so it has to do with the student’s seriousness! I think Connor is my most serious teen right now, so I’ll have to watch him when I play the high school.

    Can’t wait for your lot tour, although what I can see already looks great!

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Okay, good luck, I’m glad that I could help! The school’s okay, but it’s not very decorated, it serves it’s purpose though.

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    Your school looks great! I’m looking forward to seeing a tour of it! And wow 3 week road trip, that’s great! I hope that is a lot of fun when it gets here.

    Matt looks like he’s prepared to pounce on the pottery! so funny in that picture.

    Good to note on the seriousness of the sim, I’m going to check mine and see if that’s true. I have a few that are really adamant to not work. How fitting that Anna wasn’t doing her studying.

    Poor Cameron, he really looks quite strung out over his work.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Thanks! Haha, I know, I love the actions that they have for the hobby stations! Lol, I know, the irony of that wasn’t lost on me! Haha, yes, Cameron seemed to be having a hard time.

  3. 5

    Stephanie said,

    All of them are 13. You should make another family with some more teenagers in it!

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Stephanie! I am horrified that you would even think about telling me to do that! That would be cheating!!!!! Plus, Ardania’s already established and stuff, and I already cheated when I made the Wildon’s *gasp* Shame on you little sister, shame!

  4. 7

    S said,

    Your school looks great! Poor Cameron though, he’s just not having much luck with his schoolwork it seems! 😦

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