Getting To Know You: Visenz, Round 6, Spring\

Kaylee Visenz is 27, Phillip Jitmuscol is 33, and Laura and Marco Visenz are 8

Lucian stops by again, to check in on the twins, and proposes an outing to the community center.  The twins agree instantly, and Kaylee says it’s okay.

First Lucian shows Marco how to play basketball.  Phillip is a chef, and he’s not to keen on sports, so Marco has no idea about sports whatsover.

Lucian is a good teacher, however, and soon Marco is shooting baskets like a pro!

Laura decides that she would much rather do an athletic activity indoors, and finds an empty ballet room.  She starts to warm up, and realizes that she actually quite enjoys ballet!

After that, Lucian takes the twins upstairs into the hobby room and immediately gets to work on arranging a vase of flowers for Laura.

Marco decides that he’d much rather paint, so he gets to work on an easel.

Laura meets a friend from school, Sam Ralston, and runs over to say hi.

They end up chatting for quite a while, and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

Especially Sam.  Lucian resolves to keep an eye on this “Sam” boy.  His daughter is way to young to have a boyfriend.  Definitely no dating until she’s at least 20!  Or maybe until she’s married…

They end the day with a trip to the music room, where they give up all hopes of ever starting a family band.  Laura’s pretty good, but Lucian and Marco’s skill leaves something to be desired.

At home, Kaylee is teaching Phillip how to paint.  So far Phillip has succeeded in putting the canvas on the easel, so that must count for something, right?

As a treat for the children’s good grades, Phillip takes them all out to dinner.  They have some very important news to tell the twins.

As soon as their food gets to their table, Kaylee and Phillip inform the twins that they’re going to have a little sister or brother soon!  The twins seem happy, so the scariest part of their dinner is over.

Or at least, so they think.  When Phillip slides a black box across the table, Kaylee is shocked.

She says yes.


  • Yay, another wedding!  I’m on a roll!  The Visenz wedding will be next Spring, with their baby due in the Winter of Round 7.
  • This house was pretty boring, but I’m okay with that, the next two houses have three of the ROS’s for this round, so that should create some drama!

6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Stephanie said,

    The baby attack continues!

  2. 3

    S said,

    How sweet that he proposed with the kids present so they could be a part of it too. 🙂 lol, Lucian, I don’t think you’re going to be able to keep Laura from dating once she turns into a teenager! 😉

  3. 5

    Carla said,

    Heh, no dating until she’s married! Nice try, Lucian!

    That’s so cute that he proposed with the kids there – it’s nice for them for be a part of such a big event in their mother’s life.

  4. 6

    maisie said,

    How is she supposed to find someone to marry than, Lucian? I just don’t see that flying. The proposal was really sweet, and yeah more babies! Who can have enough… well I suppose some can have enough, but not here!

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