Speeding Along: Sills (Uni 1), Round 6, Spring

Avram and Kalista Sills are 20, Allisson, Peter, and Lila Sills are 1

It would appear that the toddler-eating-block epidemic is still at large, as shown by Allisson.

However, these kids are just too cute for words.  It’s no wonder Kalista and Avram can’t keep their hands off them!

Peter’s smile is contagious, and you can’t see him without breaking into a smile.

However, having kids isn’t all fun and games, as Kalista and Avram soon find out.  Avram takes over helping the triplets learn how to walk, and soon, he gets to see Peter’s first steps.

Kalista works with the triplets too, and she helps Lila with her first words.

When their parents can’t play with them, the triplets are usually very content with playing by themselves or with each-other however.

However, the college life isn’t really what the Sills want for their children.  Kalista especially wants them to grow up in a more healthy environment, say, one without weird llama mascots popping up at your front door at odd hours of the night?  Because of this, any downtime that she has, she can usually be found doing extra work in hopes of qualifying for early graduation.

Avram works equally as hard on assignments and extra work as well, so he and Kalista can graduate together.

They do take some breaks too though, so they can enjoy each-other’s company.

Even if that means slow dancing in the kitchen with no music.

All of their hard work pays off, and both Kalista and Avram qualify for early graduation.

They invite friends and family over, and there are lots of hugs.

And then it’s time to move back to Ardania.


Okay, graduation pic spam time!

For some reason, Avram wouldn’t don his robes, so I just had him put on his tux.

Aww, they’re too cute!

  • So, Kalista had the ROS of fulfill greatest want, no matter what cost, and her greatest want was… to teach Lila to talk, so she did… and there was no drama, oh darn 😛
  • These two qualified for early graduation, because they were just skilling machines!  Their want panels were both filled with “gain ___ skill point” or “write term paper” or “do assignment” or “do group research” so I took that as a sign that they wanted to graduate early, and they did, and with 4.0’s to boot!  They’ll both be going into their career field of choice immediately on return to Ardania, or, in their case, Calinloch. (my new sub-neighborhood.  The Reynold’s live there, as well as Katherine Andelique, Michael Barrett, and the Ralston’s)

9 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Stephanie said,

    Those kids are really cute! Especially Peter, adorable!

  2. 3

    antsims3 said,

    aww, cute triplets! Imagine having triplets while at university, must have been hard for Avram and kalista. Nice graduation. Can’t wait for more. 😀

  3. 5

    Carla said,

    Good idea to have them graduate early! I’ve only had one Sim do that. It’ll hopefully be easier to care for the kids at home than on campus.

    RE: the graduation robes. You’ll never be able to get two playable Sims wearing those robes unless you either download unlockers, or use the Clothing Tester from the boolprop cheat (which I do NOT recommend). I got the caps at TSR but I can’t remember where I got the robes now. :\

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Ohh! Thanks I’ll see if I can find them, thanks a lot! Yes, they were just skilling machines, and Avram had the want for the llama mascot to be eaten by a cow plant… so I took that as signs that they wanted to get out of there!

  4. 7

    maisie said,

    Yeah for early graduation! (I have robes from TSR too. )

    So funny that her greatest want was teaching to walk, that can be a time sucker of skill to gain too!

    • 8

      Tessa said,

      Haha, yes, no kidding! It’s a nice want though, I was dreading that it would be “go on island vacation” or something like that!

  5. 9

    Tessa said,

    Oh, I found them! On TSR you just search “Grad” into the show all clothing search box, and then you search “Grad” into the show all hair box! Thanks for the tips!

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