Almost Ordinary: Marslin, Round 7, Summer

Maya Marslin is 32, Cameron, Anna, and Lyssa Marslin are 14

Narrated by Anna Marslin

Lately mom has been so annoying , whenever I’m on the phone she always has to butt in to “put away laundry” or “make the beds” or something.  I’m not buying it, I think she’s trying to eavesdrop on my conversations.  I met this college guy, Tyler, and we’ve been talking lately.  He plays basketball, and he’s a Sophomore right now, so he’s not that much older than me.

Mom should really be watching Lyssa more.  I mean, seriously, she’s the one with the boyfriend for crying out loud.  Cameron’s still pining after my best friend Breeanna, but I don’t think it’ll work.  She really doesn’t give him the time of day.

Lyssa always gets mad at me when I call Matt her boyfriend, because, according to her “they’re not officially dating”.  Phooey, all those two ever do is hold hands, or cuddle, or make goo goo eyes at each other.  Plus, Lyssa told me that he kissed her last year.  How is that “not official?”

I seriously have no idea how mom doesn’t catch them.  I guess I don’t mind that much though, because Matt makes Lyss happy, and that’s what really counts.  Whenever she’s around him she only has the biggest smile in the world on her face, and that’s pretty good compared to how sad she’s been on account of Nana dying lately.

Tyler called me the other day, and asked me if I wanted to hang out with him at some park.  I agreed instantly.  I don’t know how he feels about me, but I know that I have a huge crush on him, I mean, the guy’s hot!  I told mom that I was going to Breeanna’s, and then I headed for the park.  She didn’t even guess what I was really doing I bet.

We met outside the park, and I could swear he was almost flirting with me!  It was incredible!

After that we went swimming for a little bit, which was pretty fun.

And when I had to go, he even gave me a hug!  I’m pretty sure that he held it way longer than a friendly hug, but I’ll have to talk to Breeanna about it later.


  • Not a lot happened in this round, other than Anna and Tyler’s date.  He’s actually not that much older than her, 19 to her 14, but at this age, it’s kind of creepy, so they definitely won’t go very far at this point.  They did ACR kiss on their date though, so, oops 😛
  • Bahaha, more Matt and Lyssa spam, I can’t help it, they’re too adorable together!
  • Oh, and I almost forgot to add this, but, Happy Fourth of July to you all!

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    maisie said,

    They are sweet, but yeah, she’s a little young, and er.. illegal at this stage! Wait a few more years on that kissing Tyler. LOL on the end with her having to talk to Breeanna about it being a friendly hug vs romantic.

  2. 3

    Shana said,

    Yaeh, it’s not a big age difference, but right now it’s a big difference in maturity! And not to mention illegal, lol. 😉 But maybe they can be friends and once she’s older they can see how things might work out as more than friends. 🙂

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Bahaha, yeah, actually, on a maturity level, Anna might actually be more mature than Tyler 😛 Yes, Anna’s romance, and Tyler’s popularity, so that should work out pretty nice 😛

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