Making A New Start: Andelique, Round 7

Katherine Andelique is 26

Narrated by Katherine Andelique

On my last doctor’s visit, my doctor suggested that I start a little pregnancy group, so I could meet other people around town and get more comfortable with my pregnancy.  I took her suggest, and invited called the other two pregnant people in town, a Ms. Visenz, and a Mrs. Gates.  I told them that they didn’t need to dress up or anything, so Ms. Visenz came in pajama’s, which was fine with me, since that’s all I seem to wear now a days.

They were all very nice, and we exchanged names immediately.  Both Kaylee and Amanda had been pregnant before, both with twins, so they told me not to worry about anything.  As Kaylee put it “Believe me, you’re going to have it so much better than I did the first time around.  It’s much easier to squeeze one bowling ball out of a hose than it is two.”  I can’t quite say that that image didn’t scare the wits out of me.

“Believe me, you’ll be fine.  Pregnancy is a gift, and you’ve been blessed enough to be graced with it.  This child will change your life, but in the best way imaginable.”  Amanda told me.  When she said that I was fighting to keep tears out of my eyes.  I was glad that I was going to be having this baby, but it would be so hard to raise it on its own.

“But anyways, you two women have got it easy!  Look at you, Kaylee, you’re in your second trimester, and you’ve only gained, what, twenty pounds? And you Katherine, you look ravishing for a third trimester girl!  I, on the other hand, am pushing fifty pounds gained easily.  And, I look like a beach ball!”  At that both Kaylee and I rushed to comfort Amanda, assuring her that she did not look like a beach ball, but more like a basketball.

After our snack, we all hung out on the floor of my kitchen, and I listened to Kaylee and Amanda tell stories about their children.  I was comforting, to know that even their children did things wrong sometimes.  It didn’t make me feel so bad about myself.  About this mess that I’d gotten myself into.

The woman were so nice too, before they left, they all helped me clean up the house a little bit.  Michael Bublé blaring in the background, sponges at the ready, smiles all around.  It was amazing.  And I truly felt like I belonged.

Kaylee had to leave first, but Amanda stayed behind a few extra minutes to talk to me.  I don’t know why, but I just spilled everything, crying like a baby the whole time.  Amanda just listened, and comforted me, and when I was done, she just said one thing.

“Katherine, you are an amazing woman, no matter what that man says.  You are better than him, and you are stronger than him, and I don’t want you to ever give up on yourself, you hear me?  This child, this was your blessing.  This is your chance to start anew.  And I know that you’re not going to mess it up this time, so don’t you try to say that you will.  If you ever need any help, any help at all, you can just call me or Kaylee up, and we’ll be happy to help you, okay?”

I just sniffled and nodded yes, a small smile on my face.    This was my chance at a new start, and I was going to do it right.


  • Yay!  I liked that one, I thought it really captured Katherine.  Katherine had to become a playable because she’s pregnant with Matthew’s son, and I am quite glad that she did!
  • She, Amanda, and Kaylee got along really well, so I’m planning on having them in Kaylee’s wedding now.  I’m just glad that she’s making some friends.  Plus, now all of their kids have “insta-friends!” since their mother’s will probably be hanging out with each other all the time now 😛
  • Fall birthday’s next!  Woohoo!

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  1. 1

    Carla said,

    It’s really wonderful that Katherine has some friends to confide in now. She’s going to need some people she can depend on, especially once this baby comes.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Definitely. She went through a hard time, but I think she’s really trying to turn everything around in her life, and having strong friends will definitely help her.

  2. 3

    antsims3 said,

    What a nice update. I really enjoyed the close friendships the three mothers to be have.

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