School Days: Ardania Public Elementary School, Round 7

Teachers are John Ralston, Kalista Sills, and Amber Bachele

Carla Fief, Madin Ferena, Marco Visenz, Laura Visenz, and Sam Ralston are 9, Rhett Marshall, Clifton Gates, Chesna Gates, Lizzie Ralston, Maven Regin, and Lise Ferena are 5, Vera Marshall and Reece Straight are 4

The morning starts as normal, and once the bell rings, the students are ushered into their separate classrooms.

In the pre-primary room there are two new students this year, and they seem to be a bit nervous around the older children, and in the classroom in general.

However, they do talk to each-other, so they’re not entirely lonely.

Maven is an old pro in the pre-primary room at this point, so he immediately heads over to the activity table to claim the blocks.

Kalista is replacing the principal, John Ralston, as the pre-primary teacher, for now, so she can get at least some job experience before going on maternity leave for the rest of the year. Since the high school doesn’t require another teacher at this point, she’s happy to fill in for the elementary school instead, which has a much larger enrollment.  The kindergarten girls in this class seem intent on talking about growing up to the boys, who don’t really seem that interested.

However, when the talk turns to Harry Potter, the boys are all over that topic.

Kalista is almost ready to step in on behalf of her pre-schoolers, when she notices that Vera at least is making some friends.

They go over to the doll house and immediately start playing house.

Reece appears to be making a friend too, in Lizzie Ralston, the principal’s daughter.

They get into what seems to be a very animated discussion about houses.

In the fourth grade room, quite the different thing is happening. As usual, the boys are trying their best to avoid doing their work.

While the girls are hard at work.

However, after some “extra help” from Ms. Bachele, everyone gets back on track and finishes their assignments.

Even though it’s an overall good day, by 3:30, everyone is ready to go home.


  • Don’t worry about Kalista looking like she’s about to pop, she’s really only in her second trimester.

6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Carla said,

    Third trimester glitch strikes again! That particular mesh would be contributing to her huge belly too – the H&M pregnancy morphs are enormous! I use them for twins. 😉

    What a cute bunch of kids!

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    School looks great! I wonder how Reece and Lizzie’s friendship will go as they get older. Agree with Carla on the H&M morphs, I always use them for twins too, and I dislike that third trimester glitch.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Hee hee, me too, perhaps there is a love connection in the works 😉 Yes, it’s a big dislike, but overall it’s so much better that I really don’t mind!

  3. 5

    S said,

    I always like seeing the kids playing and interacting together at school!

    That pregnancy glitch is annoying. I wish Maxis would have fixed that at some point during development!

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