School Days: Ardania Public High School, Round 7

Teacher is Katherine Andelique

Anna Marslin, Lyssa Marslin, Cameron Marslin, Yu Aderine, Breeanna Wildon, Alice Wildon, and Matt Regin are 14

The school morning dawns with the students out in the hall, mingling.  Breeanna and Anna share some gossip, and seem to be very into it.

Matt and Yu share a joke as well.  Alice isn’t very impressed.

Lyssa doesn’t mind, she’s too busy gazing at Matt to notice anything.

Katherine’s really getting into the hang of things now, and she makes sure to keep an eye on Breeanna Wildon, as she seems to have an inclination to cheat.

She also offers Anna some help in tutoring.  Anna’s sister Lyssa is always a hardworking student, even if she is thinking about her boyfriend part of the time.

Cameron is currently being tutored by both his sister Lyssa and Lyssa’s best friend Alice, so he’s starting to understand his work a little better.  However, he still can’t resist sneaking a peak at his sister’s paper.

Matt is hard at work, even if his desk mate isn’t.  Breeanna can’t believe that someone that cute could waste his time doing work.

Next is art class.  Yu attempts to figure out this guitar thing.  It’s probably best to hit the strings first, Yu.

Lyssa goes to town on the piano, and she actually isn’t that bad.  With a little more practice, she could probably be pretty good at it!

Alice, Breena, and work on painting.  It’s not that hard to slap some paint on paper, right?

Cameron has finally found something in school that he actually enjoys, the drum set.  He actually has a pretty good sense of rhythm, and it’s kind of fun to hit the drums with a stick.

Matt hits up the electronic bass, and composes a song for Lyssa.

Lyssa responds by pasting a goofy smile on her face and adding a harmony to Matt’s melody.

By the end of the day though, everyone is pretty happy to go home.  Matt and Lyssa walk home together.


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    xcin100x said,

    I like how it’s a happy ending 🙂 — I have a new chapter 🙂

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    Matt and Lyssa are really adorable together. I love the picture where she’s just grinning at him – I love when Sims do that.

    LOL, Yu on the guitar! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a low creativity Sim play the guitar, because my Sims usually pick up a few points before they age to teen.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      I know! I could totally just take pictures of them all day… but I won’t… at least not today 😛

      Oh yeah, Yu was a teen that I created, so he didn’t have any skills. I’ll probably randomize him with InSim before he goes to college, that way he can finally get a break, because he sure seems to need it!

  3. 5

    Stephanie said,

    Lyssa and Matt look really cute together

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