Flying On Cloud Nine: Visenz, Round 7, Winter

Benjamin Long is 34, Kaylee Visenz is 28, Laura and Marco Visenz are 9, and Kyle Visenz is 1 Month

Narrated by Kaylee Visenz

Life with little Kyle has been… trying. He’s a much fussier baby than Laura and Marco ever were, when he want his food, he lets everyone know. I’m pretty sure even the people in Calinloch can hear him!

Benjamin’s been a great help with Kyle though, even if he has to do some of the dirty stuff sometimes, like change diapers.

However, I think that Ben seems to get the sweeter, less whiny side of Kyle, because usually when I see them together, Kyle is smiling or babbling or something, not wailing to China like with me!

Marco is such a funny boy, whenever he boards the school bus, it’s with a smile as wide as his face. I don’t think I was ever that excited about school!

Laura is the same way, always with a grin on her face when she goes to school. Maybe it’s a twin thing, I’m not sure.

All of their happiness about school seems to be paying off though, the twins are both receiving great grades in school, they’re almost to A pluses!

Ben and I have been so busy with Kyle, the twins  have been becoming much more self-sufficient lately too. It makes me realize how old they are, Marco and  Laura  are nearly 10 years old now! Two years and they’ll be in junior high school!

On top of all of that, I’ve been up to my head in wedding plans. Ben and my wedding is in merely two months, and nearly every day I’m on the phone with someone, trying to make sure everything goes great for out wedding.

However, a few of my friends and I did find a chance to get out to a local clothing store to shop for my wedding dress. I’m pretty confident in my choice, and I know that whatever I’m wearing, Ben will love it.

After our incredibly busy days though, it’s nice to curl up to bed beside each-other and fall asleep next to each other.


  • Yay! Wedding soon, woohoo!
  • Wow, the twins are getting so old, they’re going to be teens in merely two rounds! Gosh, I can remember when they were toddlers!
  • Kyle is quite the fussy baby, he’s always wailing, except for when Benjamin is playing with him 😛

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  1. 1

    S said,

    I can’t believe the twins are so big already! And yay, I can’t wait to see their wedding! 🙂

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      I know, it’s kind of weird, seeing as they were originally toddlers when I started 🙂 Their wedding was kind of a slack off on my part, but I was super super tired when I wrote it/played it, so I hope it comes out alright!

  2. 3

    maisie said,

    Wow the twins are aging up fast! They are adorable! The wedding dresses looked nice! Looking forward to seeing the wedding!

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Me too! I can’t wait to see what the twins look like when they’re older, and Kyle too. Benjamin is a townie, but he doesn’t have “The Alon Nose” so I’m not too worried 🙂

  3. 5

    Carla said,

    Kaylee looks great in all three dresses – can’t wait to see which one she chose. Or I guess maybe she chose another one entirely!

    I can’t wait to see the twins as teens. Especially Marco. I don’t know why but I think he’ll make a cool looking teen.

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Nope, it’s definitely one of those three! I wanted to see what she looked like in them, and then I still couldn’t decide so I recruited my mom, who, thankfully, is not partially colorblind like me and has a fashion sense (un-like me, lol)

      I think I made Marco by picking one of the CAS face templates and then just aging him down (I know, what a cheater right?), but of course, I’ve totally forgotten who he’s supposed to look like, but I bet he’ll look pretty cool… maybe I’ll have him keep the hair, I love that hair on him for some reason, it’s so retro 😛

  4. 7

    antsims3 said,

    The twins are getting older. They are really good looking! Im excited for the wedding, Kaylee looks great in all three dresses.

    New chapters up on my blog. Please read and comment!

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