Another Again: Marshall, Winter, Round 7

Lane and Candi Marshall are 30, Rhett Marshall is 5, Vera Marshall is 4, Alexa Marshall is 1

Narrated by Lane Marshall

Every morning, I wake up to the sound of Rhett practicing the piano. He’s not exactly a Mozart yet, but he’s only five, so Candi and I are willing to give him some time to get better. He seems to enjoy it though, so that’s what counts, and maybe, if he keeps it up, he’ll be able to earn a scholarship.

Lately, Vera’s been looking so grown up. I can’t believe that she’s already four and in pre-school, it seems like just yesterday Candi and I were bringing her home from the hospital. At least we still have little Alexa, although at the way time seems to fly by, pretty soon she’ll be as old as Vera too.

Candi and I took Vera out on a shopping trip recently, and let her redecorate her room. She went for a purple theme, as that seems to be her new favorite color.  She seems to be enjoying her room, and as long as her jackets don’t end up on the floor, it’s fine with Candi and I!

We’ve been working with Alexa lately too, trying to get her potty trained. We decided to jump start potty training this time, as we really don’t want to be stuck changing dirty diapers for another three years. Alexa’s nowhere near potty trained yet, but at least we’re getting more of a head start.

We got quite the surprise the other day, when Candi received a phone call tell her that she’d won a lottery prize of $50,000!  We usually don’t play the lottery, but the other day at work they were going around asking for numbers, and Candi just decided to try it once. It’s been amazing, as now we’ll be able to give the kids a trust fund, and be able to guarantee their college tuition.

The kids know that we’re quite a bit richer now, but I don’t think that they really get it, being as young as they are. They’re still just little kids, and their main priorities in life are playing with their toys and their friends, not about how much money their parents have.  Lately I’ve been trying to teach Vera chess. She seems to really enjoy it, and she’s got quite the competitive nature, so we really enjoy our afternoon games.

And Rhett still runs out of the house every afternoon when I come home from work to give me and Candi a hug. We’re appreciating it while we can, because we know that as soon as he becomes a teenager, parents will be “soooo uncool.”

To celebrate our lottery win, Candi had the idea to invite over our friends the Gates. Their twins are almost the same age as Vera, and the same age as Rhett, so we’re hoping that they can become friends.

Rhett and Clifton seem to be pretty close, they’re in the same class, and as soon as the Gates got here they ran up to Rhett’s room to play with his toys.

Chesna and Vera seemed to really hit it off too, I overheard them talking about shoes they saw.  To be honest, this kind of worried me. My little girl is only four, she doesn’t need to be talking about shopping for shoes.  However, Candi cleared it up for me that they were talking about how cool it would be to wear their mother’s shoes.  I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief at that!

Candi and Amanda went into the living room to talk about kids and school and things that mother’s do.  Amanda just had twins, and she’s feeling great, if not a little bit tired.

Logan and I sat down to a more “manly” game of chess, but we ended up talking about kids too, in-between a tough game of chess that is.  Logan is a real competitor!  He takes his chess very seriously!

Before they left, I saw them out the door holding hands.  It’s nice to see that other couples our age are still so amorous too, sometimes I think that only Candi and I are like that!  Overall though, we had a very nice time with the Gates, and the kids are already asking us when they’ll come back over.


  • Title comes from Another Again by John Legend. I couldn’t think of a title, and I was all “Well pretty much everyone else does it, so why not me?” So I did it, and I’m actually pretty happy with it! I had another song in mind, but everyone probably would have thought they were breaking up or something from the title, so I decided not to go for it.
  • Hee hee, I love having kids who aren’t all the same age, it rocks 😛
  • Man, Candi and Lane are super at it, I can’t turn my backs on them or they’re doing ACR something or other!  However, Candi is on Birth Control now, permanently, so unless there’s a BC failure, no more kids for them 😦
  • I just realized how momentous it is that Rhett is a child now, he was the first sim born into Ardania, so that’s kind of cool, right?
  • Candi got the ROS of winning the large lottery prize of $50,000. Not that they really needed it, but now they have quite the savings, and all of their kids have a $10,000 trust fund, the biggest so far, although the Reynolds kids will probably have pretty nice sized ones too, Taja’s shop makes a lot of money, and the Straight’s aren’t too bad off either!

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  1. 1

    maisie said,

    Awesome that they won the lottery! And the kids are adorable, and yay for Rhett aging to child! He did that relatively quickly! (Faster than me anyhow, Willa Grimsley was my first baby born while I had my blog, and she *just* turned into a child!)

    Amanda is adorable, love her hair. And how sweet is that picture of Rhett hugging his Dad? I love that interaction.

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Lol, don’t worry, I just have way too much time on my hands to sim, that’s all! I know, that’s a great interaction, I love it when they autonomously hug their parents when they get home from work, too cute!

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