Nothing On You: Gates, Round 7, Spring

Logan Gates is 39, Amanda Gates is 34, Chesna and Clifton Gates are 5, Eve and Emmaline Gates are 6 months

Narrated by Logan Gates

The month started off great for me, I scored another promotion from work, and even got to come home a little early for a change.  The promotion even came with a thousand dollar bonus!

Thanks to that bonus, we were able to add a new expansion to the house, one that Amanda has been bugging me about for years.  We added a new wing to our house, and put in a nice dining room.  Our old dinner table was in the kitchen, where we barely had room for a table, let alone enough chairs for everyone.  Plus, with four children living at home, and another away at college with a fiancé, we definitely needed a bigger dining area.  Amanda loves it, and I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with it myself.  It has loads of extra space and an extra large dining table.

Micah and Ellissen stopped by again, as they usually do.  They couldn’t stay for very long though, as they were busy studying for exams and such.  Ellissen is preparing to go into her final two years of college as a Psychology major, and she’s expressed in a few conversations that she’d like to work as a psychologist in Ardania, and help out any people wishing for her services.  I think it sounds like a pretty nice idea, and as she’s got excellent grades so far, and has managed to help tutor Micah up to near her standard of schooling as well, I’m willing to support her in any decision she makes.

The older twins were at school when they stopped by, but Micah and Ellissen made do by rushing over to the newest set of twins.  They seem to bond with the children really well, and they are very good with both sets of twins, so I’m sure that they’ll be great parents, just hopefully not for a long, long while!

All too soon though, it was time for them to leave.  Ellissen’s a sweet girl, and she always makes sure to say goodbye to Amanda and I before leaving.  Micah usually says goodbye too, and takes some of our food with him!  I guess as a college football player he really burns up a lot of calories, but I don’t know how the dorms keep food stocked in them the way he eats!

Amanda’s friend Katherine came over the other day, bringing along her baby daughter Rachel.  She’s a cutie, although not as cute as Eve or Emmaline in my opinion.  It would be nice if she and the twins could become friends, then they wouldn’t have to worry about making friends once they started school!

As it is though, there definitely won’t be any more babies in our house!  Two sets of twins is definitely enough, we’re always up at some odd time of the night changing their diapers, or feeding them.  Not that I don’t love them, because I do, but I definitely won’t miss their diaper days once they get older, that’s for sure!

Our oldest twins are keeping us on out toes enough as it is!  They’re a joy to be around though.  Clifton is a sweet boy, if somewhat shy, but every day he runs off of the school-bus, a huge smile on his face or a song coming out of his mouth.

Chesna is the much more outgoing twin, and she always makes sure to wave goodbye to her bus driver and fellow classmates on the bus.

She’s always getting herself into all sorts of trouble too.  Just the other day, I went outside to call her in for dinner, when I spotted her trying to catch butterflies, right next to a stray dog! And a scary looking dog at that! Luckily, I managed to shoo it off without anyone getting hurt, but Chesna wasn’t even phased! That girl is going to be the death of me, I swear!

As a treat I showed Chesna how to play catch.  She’s definitely the more athletic twin, and is always trying to turn everything into a competition against her brother.  Poor Clifton really couldn’t care less, but he let’s Chesna do what she wants so she’s happy.  She’s quite the demanding girl sometime!  Catch went well, and I discovered that Chesna has quite the arm on her!  With some more practice, she could probably do very well in softball!

As a treat so Clifton wouldn’t feel so left out, I decided that we could start a garden together.  It went pretty well, although I’m not sure how into it Clifton really was. He’s a very neat boy, and I don’t think the prospect of all of that dirt intrigued him.

Amanda and Chesna had a good time while Clifton and I were gardening, they had a little dance party outside.  I’m really enjoying having the kids at this age.  Once they become teenagers, I must admit, I’m a little bit scared of how Chesna might turn out.  She’s already a little bit bossy, I hope she doesn’t have lots of boy problems. Maybe I could convince her to become a nun… then I’ll definitely not have to worry about my little girl turning up pregnant, or worse, with a boyfriend!

However, there’s still a lot of time until the twins start high-school.  At this point, they’re just excited to have their daddy walk them to the bus stop, which I must admit, is just fine with me!


  • Title comes from this song by B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars.  My mom just loves it right now, so I’ve been listening to a lot of it recently. Plus, it’s pretty much always on the radio.
  • Even though there is no photographic evidence of it, Micah did indeed visit as well, I just somehow missed pictures of him.  I think I probably set up a nice photo, and then got distracted by something else and forgot that I took the picture.  I tend to do that a lot, lol
  • It’s pretty funny, Chesna and Clifton are so different in everything except for Neat points, in that they’re exactly the same, everything else has pretty much a big difference between them.
  • These two make some pretty cute kids, so I can’t wait for Eve and Emmaline to age up, so I can see them as well, I’m sure that’ll be a treat!

10 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Jennifer said,

    The twins are so cute! You’re right, they make beautiful kids so Eva and Emmaline are going to be gorgeous! I lol’d at Logan thinking Chesna having a boyfriend is worse than being pregnant :)…….Dads can be so irrational sometimes!

  2. 3

    S said,

    lol at Logan wanting to convince Chesna to become a nun! The kids are really cute, and I’m sure the younger twins will be adorable too! 🙂

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Haha, yeah, somehow I see him as an overprotective father, especially to his little girl 😉 I know, I can’t wait for their birthdays!

  3. 5

    Carla said,

    Ha, I was looking for Micah!

    The twins are adorable! I think Logan needs to chill out a little bit – Chesna’s bossiness might work out in her (and his!) favour with the boys. I don’t see her taking any crap from anyone!

    • 6

      Tessa said,

      Lol, sorry, I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of him, I mean, seriously, I looove Micah!

      Hee hee, I know, I’m really happy with how they turned out! Lol, yes, I can’t wait for Chesna to start dating, that will be hilarious!

  4. 7

    maisie said,

    Wow Logan, lol. Chill pill maybe? I don’t think the nun bit is going to fly though, lol. And he should definitely try and enjoy the stage their at now, instead of worrying about high school, that’s years away Logan.

    The twins are super cute, can’t wait for the girls to age up!

  5. 8

    Stephanie said,

    Cute babies and Chesena and her brother are really cute. Ellisen is the only person who can pull off that outfit!

  6. 9

    Logan is jumping the gun, just a little bit. Chesna is only 5. I think it is a little early to try to convince her to be a nun or even entertaining those thoughts.

    • 10

      Tessa said,

      Haha, I know. He’s a bit over-protective, but most father’s are. My dad likes to show any guy I have at the house his gun collection, so I think Logan is probably pretty mild compared to some!

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