Dog Days Are Over: Straight, Round 7, Spring

Nora Straight is 30, Alon Straight is 35, Reece Straight is 4, Avery, Eliza, Hal, and Giovanni Straight are 2

Narrated by Nora Straight

Even though the quad’s are entering their so called “terrible two’s” they seem to be getting a little bit more manageable!  They’re very content to just have you hold them, and Hal especially loves to be played with in his parent’s arms.

Reece does his best to help out, since he knows that Alon and I are swamped.  He often takes one of the quads out into the hallway and plays a game with them, like in Eliza’s case, peek-a-boo.

He’s an incredibly neat for a child of his age too, just the other day Alon caught him washing the quad’s dirty dishes, all by himself, with no prompting!  I swear, if all of the children turn out like him, I’ll be very happy!

He also makes sure to clean the cage and feed his new hamster, Mr. Fluffers, also all by himself.

I’m so glad he’s not a trouble maker, because his younger siblings can still be quite the handful! Giovanni’s cries from his crib can be heard all the way in Calinloch, I’m sure!

Plus, once one gets up, all of the other’s wake up too, in a frenzy of yawns and screams.  Not exactly the first thing you want to hear at seven in the morning!

But after Alon and I have got them all laid down for their naps again, I just can’t help but smile with pride.  They’re a tough group to handle, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

Reece had a friend over from school one day, her name was Lizzie Ralston. She’s one grade ahead of Reece, as she’s in kindergarten, and he’s in pre-school, but they both share the same classroom together, so they’ve gotten to know each other quite well.  She’s quite the cutie, but most children are at that age.

They had a good time together, and even managed to throw in a water balloon fight before Lizzie’s father, Reece’s principal in fact, came to pick her up.  It’s a bit of a hike to Calinloch where they live, but since he was in town, he decided to let Lizzie play with some of her friends instead of coming with him on his errands.

I must say though, those two are just so adorable together, they even gave each-other hugs before Lizzie had to leave.


  • Post is from this song by Florence and the Machine.  It’s really amazing, but sorry that it’s Vevo.  This song is the one in the Eat Pray Love trailer, if you might recognize it from there.
  • Man, if I were the type to pair them up!!!!!  But no, I’ll let game play take it’s toll, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed, I mean, just how cute are they!!!!!!!
  • Ugh, I thought the quads were going to age up next round, but noooo, oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait one more round!
  • Reece is so adorable!  And so is Lizzie, I just had to sneak her in again 😛
  • Oh, I also forgot to mention in the last entry, that Logan Gates rolled the ROS to start a garden, sorry! I tagged it, but forgot to post it, whoops!

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  1. 1

    Jennifer said,

    I love Mr. Fluffers for a hamster! Cutest name ever :)……Reece is a cutie and he’s so well behaved! I doubt all the quads will be like him though. Nora and Alon won’t get off that easy lol

    • 2

      Tessa said,

      Haha, thanks! My little sister and I used to have a hamster named Pee-Wee and a hamster named Sir Lancelot, so I guess funny hamster names are sort of my forte 😛

      I know, I love Reece, I could just give him a great big hug 😛 Haha, you’ve got that right! I have a feeling that the quad’s are going to be quite the rambunctious group!

  2. 3

    Carla said,

    Mr. Fluffers! That’s adorable.

    Reece and Lizzie are very cute together. And my gosh, if Reece keeps up this unprompted cleaning thing, he’s going to make a fantastic husband one day! LOL.

    • 4

      Tessa said,

      Haha, I know! He has ten neat points I think, so he’s pretty autonomously neat. He did a lot more cleaning this round than you saw too! I was quite surprised! Lol, watch him marry some slob person, that would be hilarious! And lucky for her, I guess!

      • 5

        Carla said,

        Yeah, my Eliot was a neat kid. Then he married Cordy, who floods the entire bathroom every time she showers! He passed the super-neatness onto one of his sons though, so that’s something. 😉

  3. 6

    maisie said,

    I adore Lizzie! What is Lizzie and Reece’s astrology signs? You can have an idea if they might be compatible with that alone. I don’t usually look, cause I’d never remember anyway, but I have in the past.

    I love the little hug at the end there, such cuties!

    I’m sure Nora is excited for the next round too! Aging all those babies up! Then we can finally get a good look at their features too!

    • 7

      Tessa said,

      Lizzie is a Libra, and Reece is a Sagittarius. Is that compatible? Because I have no idea how that works, lol.
      I know, I didn’t even realize that they could do that hug! I’m totally going to overuse that now, haha! I know, that will definitely be interesting! Hopefully there won’t be too much of the “Alon Nose”… I might do a little bit of plastic surgery on them if it’s too bad, just to smooth it out a little…

  4. 8

    I can’t imagine having quads in the game. Twin are hard enough.

    Lizzie and Reece would be cute together. They share a face shape, so the kids probably would come out just as cute as they are.

  5. 9

    I can’t imagine having quads in the game. Twin are hard enough.

    Lizzie and Reece would be cute together. They share a face shape, so the kids probably would come out just as cute as they are.

    • 10

      Tessa said,

      Oh my gosh, you have no idea! I can’t wait until they’re children, and way more comfortable. Hee hee, if only I were the type to pair them up 😉

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